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    The 4th and 3 that UT failed to pick up at the end...

    You have to call better plays at the end of the game than handoff into the line. At least run it outside. That option play would have been perfect with Hooker having the option to keep it.
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    Hooker 3rd place for Heisman race per Draft Kings

    No way he wins or even gets to New York. ESPN wouldn’t have it. I mean Peyton lost to the only defensive player to win and Majors lost to the only player from a losing team! It will go to someone from a playoff team. Likely the final 3 are Young, Bennett, and The QB from Ohio State. Yeah...
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    ‘23 TN ATH Arion Carter (Memphis commit)

    I wasn’t impressed with Herring really but maybe that’s because Smyrna ran away from his side. He was mainly playing DE. Carter looked like the better player.
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    ‘23 TN ATH Arion Carter (Memphis commit)

    I read he was exclusively a RB until this season. Once he started playing LB his recruiting blew up. I saw Smyrna play Riverdale Friday night and Carter was more impressive than Herring. He’s a better LB prospect than RB.
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    Calloway ejected

    Was suspended for first half. Don’t think he played at all in the second half. With our WR depth, I doubt he sees the field anytime soon.
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    Am I the only one who can admit im a horrible fan

    I have a new puppy and it scares him when I watch the Vols with me yelling at the TV and cheering when something happens good. It’s funny.
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    Public parking recommendations

    Looking for public parking recommendations for the game. First game since 2016. Coming in from the Nashville area. Thanks.
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    Tillman / Small / Sampson

    I doubt all of these injury reports too. Tillman told the sideline reporter that he was OK.
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    Tillman / Small / Sampson

    What happened with Tillman telling the game reporter on the sideline that he was OK? Did he get worse or is some Internet troll spreading rumors?
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    Calloway ejected

    Everyone assumes he will sit out the first half for his suspension and play the second half. Last Saturday was the first game action he’s had pretty much since the Florida game last year. With our WR depth, I don’t think he sees the field for awhile. Coaches talk about trust. I think they...
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    Calloway ejected

    This. The coaches talk about who they can trust. I doubt he sees the field for awhile. He will be buried on the depth chart.
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    Calloway ejected

    He shouldn’t be dismissed from the team. I’m just saying this is the first real game action he’s had since he went MIA after the Florida game last year. How many times did Heupel and Goelish talk in press conferences about “who can we trust out on the field”? I doubt after this incident he...
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    Calloway ejected

    Tonight was the first real action that he has seen since the dropped pass vs Florida last year. He went MIA after that. I doubt he plays much after this tonight. There is too much talent at WR. The coaches continue to talk about who we can trust.
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    Joe Milton Dimes (merged)

    He may be the best backup QB in the conference.
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    Calloway ejected

    One swipe vs five punches. Needs to not see the field for awhile. Stupid to punch someone with a helmet on anyway.
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    Calloway ejected

    Calloway shouldn’t see the field after that. Finally sees the field and makes a couple catches and then that.
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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    Maybe it was a bad decision to sit Tannehill and Henry the entire preseason. Tannehill should have played some.
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    Best WR's in the SEC

    How was he only a 2*
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Said we had best WR group in SEC and maybe in the country.
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    Game time vs Florida? (3:30 EDT)

    Texas A&M and Florida lost today. Texas A&M plays Miami next week. The two big matchups on Sept 24 is Vols-Florida and Texas A&M-Arkansas. Which game does TV pick for the afternoon game and which becomes a night game?

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