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    Lets talk about tackling

    Yeah, Haddon needs to be a practice highlight reel this week...
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    Orange Everywhere In Pittsburg

    Tennessee does same thing and then players unload off the bus from the hotel for the Vol Walk
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    #1 Alabama @ Texas

    Bama looking very unbamaish right now....Bryce Young having a terrible game to this point.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Ball State Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Warren Burrell needs to watch someone else play his position....
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    Tennessee is going no where under Barnes (Good news)

    My first thought was, "at least we're not Alabama in basketball..."
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    Vescovi scored just 5 points

    Michigan's a team of NBA players who haven't been able to put two good games together back to back until now. Tennessee's a team of Euro league players who have been playing out of their minds for three weeks. Unfortunately, they couldn't do it for three more games....
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    College Football officiating is a joke

    I think if they'll make the supposed injured player have to sit out the rest of the series, some "injuries" might go away...
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    ESPN FPI now favors Vols over Rebels & Cats

    And have a quarterback who can run....
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    Guys fought their guts out. Proud of the effort and the whole team.

    We don't have anyone that can carry the team like Jones did in the second half...
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    Four sec teams

    I've got Purdue taking out UT in my bracket. If we had a dominant big man I'd pick the other way. Love Alexander as a person and teammate, but he gets owned a lot....
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    Beef between Barnes and Hardaway

    Thought the same thing...thug attitude already becoming evident.
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    O-line next season

    Didn't know until yesterday that our former OL coach, Sam Pittman, is now coaching OL at Georgia.....
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    Concerning message from gator land, we better hurry up and get in

    Read somewhere yesterday that they have tapped Mike Norvell from Memphis as their first choice. I would have taken him since I don't think we can get Fuente....
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    Ferguson Riots

    I think I'll choose all of the above. (All the while being encouraged by a race baiting White House and DOJ.)
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    Eye Candy

    Yankee Vol is the blonde Joanna Garcia?
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    Porn Star appreciation and dating thread

    Allie Haze
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    Jordan Williams will be a star here

    That's the way I saw it too. Let one of their drives continue by himself on consecutive plays.
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    "The quarterback didn't play well. I'm not sure why".Dooley

    Dooley commented to Kesling that Bray said it slipped:)

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