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    Hardest Jobs in College Football

    Oklahoma is good because they still win a lot (partly because they have a much easier conference, but still). It's been tough for programs like UT and Nebraska that rely on a good amount of out of state talent because they have not been nationally relevant when the latest recruits have been...
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    Favorite alcoholic beverage

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale then Bud Light then Buffalo Trace with 1 ice cube
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    What are other message boards saying?

    I'm probably one of the few fans that follow Ole Miss and UT (grew up in East TN as a Vol fan, attended Ole Miss). It's going to be a tough road game for the Rebels. Neyland is going to be the loudest & toughest environment this team has ever faced. Tennessee's defense is capable of making some...
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    Favorite fast food hamburger.

    Of the ones listed in the poll: 1. Wendys - tastes very similar to Whataburger to me 2. Krystal 3. Sonic 4. McDonalds 5. Burger King If we are talking other chain drive-thrus: 1. Pal's 2. Freddy's / Steak n Shake 3. Checkers / Rallly's 4. Cookout
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    Thinking about moving to East Tennessee

    Had to laugh out loud at this one. If you are from the area you already know. But if you are not a native & local...well, just avoid Cocke County altogether. :D
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    Best And Worst Non SEC Cities

    Best: Asheville, Charleston, and Denver for me. Worst: Birmingham, Dallas, and Newport, TN! Not including these on any list, but: Cleveland - Actually pretty cool city and great weather in the summer. Miami - Cool to visit but wouldn't want to live there. Pretty rundown, sketchy, and felt...
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    Thinking about moving to East Tennessee

    Sorry to resurrect an older post, but wanted to chime in... I'm from Greeneville and crime is low. It is mostly domestic stuff from people that know each other. So long as you are not a pillhead you won't be affected by it, except maybe random property crime of someone going through your car...
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    NCAA Will Hammer VOLS

    I agree with this 100%. If this was going on at Bama, LSU (which, it is, but they haven't been caught), or another favored school with the NCAA, self-imposed sanctions may work. I don't think they are going to let a school skate with direct payments from coaches to players. I lived through the...
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    Knoxville Golf and Country Clubs

    I was a member growing up and remember Mr. Dibble being the pro. Good guy, very friendly.
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    Greeneville High Schools New Football Coach?

    I'm sure there are at least 50 rumors in Greeneville already about why Hammonds resigned, but probably 0 are true. The new coach, who is originally from around Knoxville, is a solid choice and will continue to have a strong program.
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    Moving from Texas to TN

    Greeneville is a good choice if you get land in the eastern part of the County. It can come at a premium out there as it is good farm land. Great mountain views throughout most of the entire town. I would recommend paying the nominal fee to send your children to the city schools, though...
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    A message from Pruitt tonight to Tennessee fans and others

    It's true that Georgia has much better talent than Tennessee as a state, but I don't think it's true they have always recruited better than us. UGA is becoming the Bama of the East. It's legitimately something to be concerned about.
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    Mark Emmert

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    Vol Nation, what is wrong with Clay Travis

    Pretty much my thoughts. I also feel like several years ago he was more tolerable. Then he turned his persona into this bad guy schtick that is over-the-top annoying.
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    Freeze interviews at bama

    Well, you didn't read the Notice of Allegations, but belive what you will. They didn't find any pay for play in recruiting. A lot of the storied 2013 recruiting class was due to some fortunate circumstances (i.e. Robert Nkemdiche was the #1 recruit that year, his brother played at OM; #1...
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    East Tennessee High School football memories and stories.

    Another Devil here from GHS although didn't play either. Our fan base is pretty legit. Before our class year got there, there was virtually no tailgating and now it's good to see the tradition and excitement continues. Coach Ballard has done a tremendous job. It is not that we are some...
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    Pruitt, Fulmer, Helton and Friend Visit Cade Mays

    Not saying mine is the gospel truth but have a good MSU source and he says Pruitt was their 2nd choice behind Moorhead.
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    What Austin Thomas will be doing.

    You have Ed Orgeron as your coach. Ole Miss fired him, USC wouldn't retain him, and LSU hired him with a massive buyout.
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    Report: Austin Thomas not coming to UT. Staying at LSU

    That is my thought as well. No way this 30 year old dorky looking white dude is a beast of a recruiter for a kid out of Backwoods, Louisiana.

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