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    Tim Banks comments on defensive performance vs UF

    Lol the past 2 NCs ??? Oh thanks for that captain obvious. But if they score on us we are terrible , fire banks huh ? U a jeanyus
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    Tim Banks comments on defensive performance vs UF

    Who we playing soon w “ a really great offense “ btw ?
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    Tim Banks comments on defensive performance vs UF

    We stopped them 6 times on 3rd down … SIX.
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    Tim Banks

    These kinds of threads should be deleted immediately. U guys think this helps recruiting or hurts it? you know the primary problem w the D???
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    Dylan Sampson playing time

    I want him 100-% healthy first no matter what game that is
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    Tim Banks comments on defensive performance vs UF

    He doesn’t care if you can “ handle “ it or not
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    Tim Banks comments on defensive performance vs UF

    What are you expecting him to say ?? Throw the players under the bus ?? Try real hard to use your brain
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    Bru McCoy's take on being a VOL (great recruiting pitch)

    That guy tore his ACL in preseason camp too
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    2 insane stats

    Uh u do know u can’t advance an onside kick right ? Jeanyus
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    Oh hell Yes - orange jersey/ white pants

    Please inform us of how a thin layer of cotton is “ proper knee protection “? Will hang up and listen
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    Tillman / Small / Sampson

    Guys if Tillman isn’t ready to play , not it least 90% we DONT want him to play. We have capable backups that can be 90% of Tillman while Tillman is getting healthier on the sidelines. We have lots of games left. Don’t hurt a season over one game w one player. Some of you are acting like Keyton...
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    Tillman / Small / Sampson

    Guys Cedric is out , small and Sampson are limited. We have athletes , they need to show up when given their chance Saturday. The 🐿 is required
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    The Rodney Garner effect …

    Don’t even look at UT success. Look at auburn DL
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    So wrong about Herring

    Just because we want his brother doesn’t mean he can’t be great too does it ? How about we get them both on the same field w their brother telepathy and let them go to work on some folks.
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    So obvious, how to beat Florida!

    Uk just showed you , keep him in the pocket and make him throw it. It’s that simple
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    Scott Frost fired…wonder if he might end up on UT staff

    U called it ?? lol his seat has been the hottest seat in all of cfb for the off-season and season. Any other big “ calls”?
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    Dee Williams speculation.

    What part of he hasn’t had an issue for 7 games are you not understanding? The kid has in theory grown out of it. I am sure u never did anything stupid at 19
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    Player you're most excited to see on defense and offense?

    Our Ol and DL … they need to look dominant against an overmatched ball st team. If they look the part I will be much more optimistic. If we get stopped on 3rd and short a lot well
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    Sampson Is Gonna Be Good

    See below jeanyus
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    Sampson Is Gonna Be Good

    Y u think Dixon has moved on

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