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  1. 3rdDown4What?

    Allen Iverson was at OW Game

    Saw him walking around with Jujuan Smith
  2. 3rdDown4What?

    The Official Tennessee vs. Florida Game Thread, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN2

    Love how Barnes has HUBBS driving to the basket... Def his strength
  3. 3rdDown4What?

    Any News on Transfers?

    THIS!!!! And according to his mom Tara that despite him being not happy about certain things at one time her son isnt transferring ANYWHERE. What player doesnt get frustrated at times? To me it isn't in his nature to jump ship regardless of if he was a little unhappy. HE is a competitor.
  4. 3rdDown4What?

    Guarantano playing right now at UA game

    And the rest are US Army All Americans lol
  5. 3rdDown4What?

    The Official #23 Tennessee vs #13 Northwestern Outback Bowl Thread, 12:00 pm ET ESPN2

    That's just what he does. Goal line to goal line
  6. 3rdDown4What?

    '16 TN LB Daniel Bituli (UT commit 7/18/15)

    Eddie Moore, Eric Westmoreland, Kevin Burnette, Kevin Simon to name a few
  7. 3rdDown4What?

    Josh Smith does not

    I said it when we recruited him. Many doubted him. Kid was an absolute playmaker in high school that no one could stop along with great coaching from CAK.
  8. 3rdDown4What?

    Butch learned a little from those earlier losses

    When we ran three straight QB draws I bout blew up
  9. 3rdDown4What?

    McElwain Vs. Butch/Dooley

    Didn't Muschump go like 10-2 his first yr? Look where that got him
  10. 3rdDown4What?

    Tennessee seeks 6th year of eligibility for Maggitt

    Didn't he use a medical in 2013?
  11. 3rdDown4What?

    2 oklahoma uppers

  12. 3rdDown4What?

    2 oklahoma uppers

  13. 3rdDown4What?

    Lookin for 2 tix to OK

    I have two in QQ 300
  14. 3rdDown4What?

    2 oklahoma uppers

    SECTION QQ ROW 21 $300 pair
  15. 3rdDown4What?

    Favorite Tennessee quarterback not named Peyton?

    I'm a Clausen fan and he was a road warrior. But one game that taints my memory of him was the home Game vs FL when he fumbled like three snaps in a row In the rain. We where like #2 and they rocked us hard that day.
  16. 3rdDown4What?

    Come see me at the VolShop!!!

    Athens just representing in bunches I see... ✔
  17. 3rdDown4What?

    Official post your pics thread for O&W game

    Marquez North gave my nephew his glove
  18. 3rdDown4What?

    Offensive line improvement

    Never realized Austin was that tall... Or maybe their short lol

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