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  1. VolBalls33

    2023 Recruiting

    It's a tad concerning, didn't Justine commit almost 2 years ago and no one(coming out of high school) since?
  2. VolBalls33

    Vols in the Top 10?

    If USC loses who moves up to # 6? UK? Oklahoma State? UT? UK didn't play well Oklahoma State was idle and well UT finally beat UF. Doubt UT jumps to 6 but realistically will be at worst #8 if USC loses. When is the last time we were in the top 8? I bet GameDay goes to NC State who will be top 10...
  3. VolBalls33

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    Coach K is better than Kelly, because Kelly is spelled incorrectly. That's what I meant. I am well aware it's Kellie. And have made a good 50 posts saying it is K E L L I E.
  4. VolBalls33

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    Coach K is better than Kelly. Fans should have enough respect to at least spell the HC of UT correctly.
  5. VolBalls33

    Thank You Pittsburgh

    I have been super impressed with Pittsburgh and their fan base. Friendly, engaging, and had quite a few shake my hand right after the game ended.
  6. VolBalls33

    Attending Cards/Pirates game...wanting to join other UT fans after

    Any group of Vols fans hanging out and drinking after the Pirates/Cards game? 3 of us here and curious where to go.
  7. VolBalls33

    Anyone attending 9/10 game at Pitt?

    Just got my email got 3 in section 152...looks like some lower level end zone seats!! Anyone else in that section?
  8. VolBalls33

    Pitt fan here. Ask me anything.

    Would love to hear about some good places to eat close to or near the stadium. Maybe a bar where UT fans will mingle. A good place to tailgate?
  9. VolBalls33

    Will we be ranked?

    Another great game, Houston holds on to beat UTSA 37 to 35 in triple OT!!
  10. VolBalls33

    Will we be ranked?

    We should jump Iowa who struggled with South Dakota State and won 7 to 3. Oddly 2 safeties and a FG.
  11. VolBalls33

    WNBA discussion thread?

    Regardless of opinion I don't know how anyone doesn't have Catchings and Parker as top 5 to 7 top players of all time in the W. That's very impressive. I could only name 2 players above them personally. Tamika and Candace are imo without a doubt both top 5 ever in the W.
  12. VolBalls33

    Just how big is the Pitt game next Saturday?

    Also want the Pitt win in the worst way...Akron is just as bad or close to bad as Ball State. If UT is top 20 with UF coming to town the crowd will be insane. UT owes UF a beatdown, obviously. This Pitt game is so important to have the fans in a good frenzy.
  13. VolBalls33

    Just how big is the Pitt game next Saturday?

    Also with Pitt having such a big rivalry win hope they come out flat. Win or lose I know UT fans are going to be loud. Just hope UT starts out fast so we can show just how great our fan base is and how loud we can be.
  14. VolBalls33

    Just how big is the Pitt game next Saturday?

    My question is how many Vols fans will show up. I will be there myself with 3 friends from college(all of us being UT grads). I am undefeated watching UT on the road. Granted I am born and raised in Nashville. So never lost while being at Vandy about 8 or 9 times. And was actually there at 21 in...
  15. VolBalls33

    What is the Pitt game telling us...

    Pitt got some calls late. But wow what a game!!
  16. VolBalls33

    LV Volleyball

    UT won their opener 3 to 2 over Sister Jean and Loyola Chicago.
  17. VolBalls33

    2023 Recruiting

    And anyone can edit the phone spell check. And it could just be me but I find it disrespectful to spell someone's name incorrectly. We all spell names wrong in real life. However, and again may just be me but even some UT players I will do a quick Google search or look on a UT roster to at least...
  18. VolBalls33

    2023 Recruiting

    When having a response to someone at least spell the head coach of Tennessee correctly. It's K E L L I E. Every game on TV or the app shows her name on the screen. The fact this happens over and over on this board.
  19. VolBalls33

    WNBA discussion thread?

    No one is talking about the 2 games being 38 and 37 point blow outs. Both records on the same night? Again why Chicago losing game 1 was so embarrassing. Look at the box scores...don't know the exact number but NY starters scored about 50 less points in game 2 than game 1. In a 40 minute game...
  20. VolBalls33

    Tennessee Soccer

    Disappointing outcome with so much hype to begin the year. At least the team can respond and learn from this game.

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