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  1. WKD1971

    Disturbing Kroger in Hendersonville

    Most of the Bama "fans" I know are also New England Patriot "fans" as well.
  2. WKD1971

    Most of us are Negavols today.. but it doesn't have to be permanent

    We're going 3 and 7 aren't we. 🤦‍♂️
  3. WKD1971

    Ok just watched the replay.

    I left work early to watch the second half. I can honestly say I regret that decision.
  4. WKD1971

    Tennessee Football

    CJP probably will dude. God help us.
  5. WKD1971

    In Today's Chattanooga Times Free Press........

    Welp.... We found out!
  6. WKD1971

    Gary Danielson should be fired

    100% agree! I was thinking the exact same thing Saturday. He doesn't even attempt to hide it.
  7. WKD1971

    The Official Joe Gibbs Racing Team Thread

    Kyle Busch's wife is gorgeous!
  8. WKD1971

    Kirby = Richt 2.0?

    😂😂😂😂 I love this!
  9. WKD1971

    Today in Tennessee football history..........

    Well said and I agree. This is my favorite thread on the forum.
  10. WKD1971

    Today in Tennessee football history..........

    Who did you play for and what Memphis school did you lose to in the AA semis?
  11. WKD1971

    Vandy board

    LOL! Circle jerk 😂
  12. WKD1971

    Only 8 FBS teams in the country...

    I wouldn't mind that either.
  13. WKD1971

    SEC Alternate Channel?

    I feel your pain.
  14. WKD1971

    PSA: Please do not boo if in attendance Saturday.

    I wont be at the game but if I was I wouldn't boo this kid because I honestly feel bad for him. I believe he wants to win, he wants to be the hero so bad that he shoots himself in the foot every time. His heart is in the right place, he just cant get out of his own way. Personally, I don't think...

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