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  1. Volunteer16

    Can someone make a highlight video of this...

    My favorite thing about Josh Heupel's teams in Tennessee is the way they bounce up with extra fast temp after a bad call by the ref's and just make it not matter at all by dominating and usually scoring on the next play. I have seen quite a few examples of this so far this year and last year and...
  2. Volunteer16

    Worried that Hooker is like Dobbs.

    Seems the time on the bench has helped Milton get the psychological clarity he needed to start playing up to his potential. I think he will be a great QB and mentor to the younger QBs next year.
  3. Volunteer16

    ESPN says Heupel is part of Leach’s coaching tree

    Any QB who has played for Leach is pretty much a part of his coaching tree. He lets them call and change the plays and really run the offense, so they get to learn from him as any coach working under him would.
  4. Volunteer16

    First scoring play of the season?

    D lineman scoop and score after a strip sack
  5. Volunteer16

    Athletic article from today (5/17/22) on SEC scheduling

    I dont like the swapping the rest of the league back and forth. It'll make it so some teams have alternating hard and easier years and that would be weird and lame.
  6. Volunteer16

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    As tall as he is, he should be in the 230-240 range
  7. Volunteer16

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    As excited as I am for Nico, I'm hoping to see him put on some good solid muscle weight. As it is right now, I'd be really concerned to see him take a direct hit from an SEC front seven defender.
  8. Volunteer16

    Former 5-star WR and USC transfer heading to Tennessee.

    A lot has to be hoped for on this one... Hopefully he has been working out. If he was suspended from the team since last summer, he could be majorly out of shape. Hopefully he didn't actually committ domestic violence and hopefully he never does. Hopefully he doesn't get homesick like he did at...
  9. Volunteer16

    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine (Tennessee signee - Transfer from Ohio St.)

    He was third string at OSU, but I guess since they've been stacking elite classes on top of one another, 3rd string at OSU might still be pretty legit.
  10. Volunteer16

    Ohio State DB Andre Turrentine transferring to Tennessee

    Will he be able contribute right away or does he need time to develop before he contributes? I am glad they are addressing this need, I hope he can help us out in this coming season. We need a stronger secondary to win some of the games we need to win to have a big year.
  11. Volunteer16

    Incentive for the 'bama game

    Didn't he also say something like, "and once we are playing a real team later on..." something like that?
  12. Volunteer16

    Look at 2022 Roster

    Tyus Fields Jr is in the portal
  13. Volunteer16

    Transfer Portal DB's....

    And now this won't help matters back there: Breaking: Tennessee DB Tyus Fields Enters Transfer Portal Although maybe it opens up a spot?
  14. Volunteer16

    Transfer Portal DB's....

    Doesn't it seem like we need to grab a couple of decent DB athletes in the portal during the next wave of transfers? Do we have the space? Or do we think all the currently injured guys will be back and productive? If we had to line up today, we'd get crushed by everyone.
  15. Volunteer16

    # shades of Gray

    Would be annoying for him to come and take a scholarship again. He should just stick it out and try ro vall out at Oklahoma. It's be an annoying risk for us to take to bring him in and hope he still had glimpses of what he had before. Didn't he cost Oklahoma a chance at the playoff?
  16. Volunteer16

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    The deal could require him to make a certain amount of appearances at Knoxville businesses that would make it impossible for him to go anywhere else for school. They could also likely include specific housing in the deal, perhaps for him to "promote" a specific housing builder, etc. It really...
  17. Volunteer16

    When Saban Retires...

    Yeah, but ultimately there are rival factions among boosters at Bama. Saban has kept them all in check but a new guy, after a few losses, is going to lose control and things could spiral for Bama like they have for Auburn
  18. Volunteer16

    Does he smoke one in Knoxville?

    We can beat Bama. They have lost to less talented teams in the past and they could again lose to Tennessee next season. Go Vols!
  19. Volunteer16

    When Saban Retires...

    Let us remember, Alabama wasn't knocking it out of the park with coaching hires before. They lucked out on Nick Saban. After this dynasty, there'll be so many huge ego power brokers in Tuscaloosa claiming they know what is needed and likely pulling in multiple different directions. They are...

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