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  1. cncchris33

    ‘23 NC DE Daevin Hobbs

    Subconsciously racist…it’s Arion Carter. :)
  2. cncchris33

    Zakai Ziegler won’t be the starting PG

    Same. I'm not seeing what he he seems to be inferring.
  3. cncchris33

    ‘23 TN WR Adarius Redmond

    Why would have a problem with his question? Also, why am I living rent-free in your head?
  4. cncchris33

    Ramel Keyton (don't panic)

    Hmmm...sounds familiar. Signed, C. Tillman Jr.
  5. cncchris33

    Zakai Ziegler won’t be the starting PG

    FWIW, I think a lot of the headlines around this idea are being sensationalized for clicks and reads by the sites releasing it. Some editorial liberty being taken with the statement, it seems. It's being sold in some headlines as though Tennessee is now somehow in a lurch because ZZ has "made...
  6. cncchris33

    Zakai Ziegler won’t be the starting PG

    Where did you get that impression? I didn't read it and walk away with that same impression. Not saying he won't eventually do some of that, but I didn't see any explicit statements stating that. Maybe I missed it.
  7. cncchris33

    ‘23 TN WR Adarius Redmond

    Those who aren't over it. 🤷‍♂️
  8. cncchris33

    Team News (current roster)

  9. cncchris33

    Team News (current roster)

    I have a hard time believing it's Vescovi, too. Just doesn't make good sense. I also don't believe Key is a great option there outside of spot minutes, either. Bottom line, ZZ is going to play the most minutes at PG until I see differently.
  10. cncchris33

    Team News (current roster)

    The real issue is that it weakens two positions on the floor. You don't take your best SG and move him to PG in a move that benches your best PG option.
  11. cncchris33

    '22 MO WR Luther Burden (Missouri commit)

    Yes, same area as Spraggins. It is technically Illinois, though.
  12. cncchris33

    '22 MO WR Luther Burden (Missouri commit)

    Double post
  13. cncchris33

    '22 MO WR Luther Burden (Missouri commit)

    So was DGB. Missouri produces a sneaky good deal of highly-ranked talent. Just not a ton of volume.
  14. cncchris33

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    I think it is a matter of keeping their name in his ear if things don't go as HE planned once he gets on campus. I'm not sure he starts as a freshman, but he may be convinced that he will. If that doesn't happen, does he search out greener pastures? He seems more level-headed than that, but...
  15. cncchris33

    ‘23 AL OT Vysen Lang

    Danny West, Arkansas insider, with a TN CB.
  16. cncchris33

    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa (Miami commit)

    Fair enough. I thought your comment was in regards to whether he got paid, or not. That matter is certainly not one of conjecture.
  17. cncchris33

    ‘23 MO EDGE Chandavian Bradley (Tennessee Commit)

    Maybe explains the drop in rankings, but still, how good is his school that they can afford to sparingly play a kid like him? Are we being sold a bill of goods, here?
  18. cncchris33

    2023 Target List

    If you're comfortable sharing, broadly of course, where did things go off the rails? Was it a staff preference for Dilione over Demary? Cosby over Demary? Or something more complex where we just dropped the ball?

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