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    DG's Thoughts after Week 4

    Good post and Danielson is the worst.
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    We are going to enjoy Billy Napier

    Smilin Billy. He's in for a lot if days like yesterday. Out of control. Perfect fit.
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    Vols up to #9 in USA Today coaches poll

    That's what it's all about.
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    Is it lack of talent or lack of coaching on D?

    Was lack of talent or lack of coaching the reason Florida lost yesterday? Both. Now go and enjoy the win.
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    Good to hear Florida

    Smilin Billy. He thinks he's in charge of the officials too. Go Volunteers. We got a real victory.
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    If Tenn had lost this game to Florida......

    Let's focus on LSU.
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    I’ll give UF credit for one thing…

    Florida fought hard. A lessor opponent would have succumbed. Go Volunteers and thank you players and terrific coaches. This is a beautiful Sunday.
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    Low has UT in playoff

    Let's get ready for LSU.
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    Kirk Herbstreit

    Overpaid jackwagon.
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    If Tenn had lost this game to Florida......

    Why not just enjoy the win. WTF?
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    Kirk Herbstreit

    He's truly terrible.
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    Here is reality. We let UF put up 600 yards….

    Winning is reality. Did you think FL. was going to give up? Let the losers look at stats.
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    Paging @sunnyvol79

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    Paging @sunnyvol79

    More big wins coming.
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    No Nerves Like Florida Nerves

    I feel it too.
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    The Vibe In Knoxville?

    As it should be.
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    gators have a “very good gameplan” for Hooker…..

    They better be worried about our game plan. GO VOLUNTEERS!!!!
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    UT setting up a watch party on campus

    Great idea. Go Volunteers!

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