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  1. TnAngler

    Calloway ejected

    That is a stretch for sure. Not a single dang one of us sit in the locker room or coaches discussions. The young man was obviously pissed off. If you have never played sports in a high level, you can’t possibly understand the quick reactions. I sure hope no one ever crosses your family members...
  2. TnAngler

    Best jersey Number in UT football history?

    Hello….Mr. Berry! #14
  3. TnAngler

    The Official Johnny Majors Classic Game Thread: #24 Tennessee @ #17 Pittsburgh, 3:30 PM ET, ABC

    Not sure what I expected but I do know that it wasn’t this. We have sucked in every area of the game so far. Hopefully we pull it together.
  4. TnAngler

    Thoughts after game 1?

    You just couldn’t wait to be negative could you. We beat a team by like 40 points in the first game and you can’t find anything positive. I sure hope our players don’t see comments like yours.
  5. TnAngler

    C. Patterson - VFL

    What a great ambassador for the Vols and a wonderful human being. Check out the link for how he took interest in a small girl crying and then helped remedy the situation. Cordarrelle Patterson Mic'd Up Moment
  6. TnAngler

    Will there be a rule change next year for flopping, and if so, what?

    This would make the best sense. The only issue otherwise is that it would be up to the referees to determine what is a fFLOP and what is an actual injury. If your recommendation was implemented, it would be on the Coach to ensure his guys stop the fake injuries.
  7. TnAngler

    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why?

    Totally disagree from a recruiting standpoint. Such a statement is like saying the Alabama and Georgia losses were not that important. Just because Georgia and Bama were ranked 1 & 2, didn’t make the loss less meaningful, recruits watch everything.
  8. TnAngler

    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why?

    It is for sure a 10! This is the last regular season game and a chance to finish with 7 wins. We need to show improvement in each game, if we hope to have a quality recruiting class.
  9. TnAngler

    Mullen fired at Florida

    Would the Gators consider hiring Deion Sanders? He would definitely bring in some talent, name sake alone.
  10. TnAngler

    Mullen fired at Florida

    Would the Gators consider hiring Deion Sanders? He would definitely bring in some talent, name sake alone.
  11. TnAngler

    Lol this thread from UK board

    I can’t tell if your being sarcastic, so know that I am not criticizing. The defense does get a chance to adjust after a change of possession, the entire offense leaves the field and the defense comes on. Now as for allowing defenses to adjust to play calling, NOPE! If the offense is staying on...
  12. TnAngler

    What is the DC doing??

    I hear you. Never seen so many negative folks. Go Vols!
  13. TnAngler

    We’re scoring 35+ on the Georgia D

    I have never witnessed so many negative people in my life. You act like Ga can’t be beat. Any team can go down on any given Saturday, simply look at how the Gamecocks laid it on Florida today. I am glad that some on here was not under my command in Iraq and Afghanistan, the negativity is...
  14. TnAngler

    Tennessee Needs to win out

    Get real! We have some talent however, we also have an entirely new coaching staff. If you can’t see the improvement between this season and the past several, can’t help you. This team has made good strides and will only get better. Step away from the ledge.
  15. TnAngler

    Officiating in Tuscaloosa

    Here comes the flags.
  16. TnAngler

    UFs Top Player Out

    No one player can cause you to lose a game. Football is a team sport.
  17. TnAngler

    Aaron Beasley is back? or That time I played a fan on a message board

    So glad to see that you are one beyond reproach. Ever heard of the term forgiveness. I guess that you have never done anything wrong or stupid.
  18. TnAngler


    Some here are so pathetic and thin skinned. The man actually coughed like 7 times and sniffled roughly 5 times during the entire brief. A few on this post act like all he did was cough, clearly the man is either dealing with allergies or something. The man is doing a great job considering what...
  19. TnAngler


    You must be kidding. There is nothing about this that is concerning. It is amazing just how far some will reach to complain. Maybe you have the issue, if all you can focus on is the cough.
  20. TnAngler

    Will Heupel Handle The Pressure?

    You do realize that winning 6 of those 11 games is still winning, right?

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