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  1. utchs81

    For those of you (ESPN hates us thread)

    Have to disagree OBV, Finebaum is only a Finebaum fan and plays to the audience he has at the time in order to create controversy. He may be a UT grad but calling him a fan is not evident, at least to me.
  2. utchs81

    My Thoughts on the Florida Game, After Sleeping on It

    To reiterate others previously, the ball was brought back to the 47. but it begs the question, when does the clock start, with the kick or the recovery. Seems to me that it took more than one second for the ball to be touched by either side. Just nitpicking I guess.
  3. utchs81

    The day before the game. A gif thread.

    Ein Dunkel, bitte. It comes in Liters. Great place to drink a beer.
  4. utchs81

    Do you need a lesson on our stadium's namesake?

    Thanks for sharing Volly, quite a man wasn't he?
  5. utchs81

    I am 52 years old ....

    by the looks of the LIKES on both posts, half of this board are hard core haters and half are reasonable folks, but almost all are old farts.
  6. utchs81

    Girls of Florida 2022

    So these jorts are acceptable?
  7. utchs81

    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Akron

    Another jewel. Thanks OMG
  8. utchs81

    Got To Love The Man

    So this particular post will be on UF’s board version of “what other boards are saying” next week.
  9. utchs81

    *****Freak's night before the Pitt game, admittedly off topic thread

    Hate to say it but wife and I are beginning our trip to ND, Montana and Wyoming this morning. Will try to keep up on the road but won’t be able to watch full time. GBO and thank God for Freaks replays.
  10. utchs81


    I know I’m late to the party but I have a Primo and have done several briskets. Mustard, rub with kosher salt coarse black pepper and some garlic and onion powder mixture. Smoke at 225-250 until internal temp of 165 or so the wrap in butcher paper and put back on grill until temp 203-205. Paper...
  11. utchs81

    TN #23 in AP poll (projections - thanks ftsandersvol)

    Ed has gone and done joined the grammar police. 😂
  12. utchs81

    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Ball State

    Thanks for your devotion to this thread. Once again exemplary work.
  13. utchs81

    Pine Straw And Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Totally agree, While Beth has a somewhat irritating voice (like fingernails on the blackboard) she is very in touch with the games she is announcing and more knowledgeable than some who actually played the game.
  14. utchs81

    SEC Shorts

    Funny as usual, loved the media cliqued-base statement. So true.
  15. utchs81

    '22 Recruiting Forum: Official Ball State Pregame/Game Thread

    Not to be that guy, but why is this in the recruiting forum as opposed to the regular football forum. Wait, I am that guy.
  16. utchs81

    Cumberland early dinner options

    Is the Half Barrel still in existence? Pretty good food and beer selection in the past.
  17. utchs81

    Fake Injuries...

    Yep, a cramp has obvious physical findings that can easily be seen or felt on exam.
  18. utchs81

    Just want to introduce myself

    His name was Weston Davis. Out of Memphis as I recall. Channel 13. Yep I’m from Collierville.

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