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  1. ScottyG210

    The Official #15 Tennessee vs. Akron Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN+/SEC Network+

    Saw the same Thing. I would hang 70 on them and press forward to next week
  2. ScottyG210

    Hulu screwed me out of the entire fourth quarter

    Been with YouTube TV for going on 3 years now. Never had an issue.
  3. ScottyG210

    *****Freak's night before the Pitt game, admittedly off topic thread

    In chill mode tonight. Cutting grass in the morning then my deer camp crew invades. One Pitt fan one Purdue fan. Burgers, Brats and beer are on the menu. Looking forward to this one for sure. Go Vols
  4. ScottyG210

    Pittsburg Weather!

    Bro I live in TX, 82 in PA will never compare to 92 here. I base this off of facts. Was stationed in the NE for 3+ years and folks were straight trippin when it got a smidge warm. I was walkin around in longs pants and a turtle neck in Aug.
  5. ScottyG210

    So those around campus/in Knoxville...

    Probably one of the greatest posts I’ve ever seen. You Sir get a like!
  6. ScottyG210

    *****Freak's Wednesday afternoon, before the first game, admittedly off topic thread*****

    Here in South TX gonna work until about 1530 (3:30) jet home prep my wings and pickles and pre-game. Cook, and chill before kickoff. Looking forward to a good game and a long weekend Off topic gonna have a nice round of 18 on Sunday before the one game that day. Y’all have a great weekend.
  7. ScottyG210

    Notice of Allegations received today Friday 7/22

    Here's another article from SDS: Tennessee reportedly receives notice of allegations stemming from Jeremy Pruitt era ( I'm pretty sure they say the same thing.
  8. ScottyG210

    Incoming transfers

    They do, I hire the Instructors.
  9. ScottyG210

    Former 5-star WR and USC transfer heading to Tennessee.

    He is huge addition to the WR room. Gonna be a fun year to watch these guys play and grow.
  10. ScottyG210

    Guide To Watching The Basevols

    I use YouTube TV and run the app through Apple TV. I have an ESPN+ subscription so I get all the games through it. Pretty easy.
  11. ScottyG210

    People need to quit whining

    I’ve always wondered why some folks feel it necessary to tell other folks how they should act or post what they want to post, win or lose. Moving on.
  12. ScottyG210

    No football for Youtube TV ?

    I’m on the 7 day trial for FUBO TV. So far I like it. Am watching from deer camp on a hotspot. Wasn’t feeling all the upgrade charges for HULU.
  13. ScottyG210

    Fly'n home after "Big Game Hunt'n"

    No Sir, I punched in Dec 15. Working as an AF Civilian now livin the dream
  14. ScottyG210

    Seeing a lot of signs Venables is OU’s man

    I could be wrong but I read somewhere recently that Baylor was working on an extension for him. Don't have a link, just going from memory.
  15. ScottyG210

    Not impressed with Kiffin

    Maybe Ole Miss needs a very large shipment of Pamprin to help their D. Just sayin.
  16. ScottyG210

    Bill Dance 🧡 Tennessee

    Bill Dance is probably the one most responsible for me being a Vol fan. Like many others I watched his show every chance I got. Growing up in AR and surrounded by Hog Fans it was tough. But seeing that Power T hat every week was what did it for me. Love that guy.
  17. ScottyG210

    Tailgate Preparation/ Excitement

    If anyone is already there and tailgating, drop some pics so those of us stuck at work can see what's happening. TIA GBO!!
  18. ScottyG210

    *****Freak’s Wednesday night before the first game, admittedly off topic thread

    Work until 3:30 cut the grass. Pre-game with wings, beer and a dip in the pool (it’s hot in TX). Game time will bring out Tennessee’s finest, a little JD and some snacks. No work until Tuesday cause I’m on leave. Hope y’all have a great weekend doing what you do. GO VOLS!!!

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