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  1. teacherdean

    Bad news for UConn fans, maybe not for you

    I feel for UCONN and it’s fan base losing such a talent. Though I am not a UCONN fan, we still do not want to see any player get hurt in any athletic program. I still believe that UCONN is still a final four team with the talent they have, it certainly would be easier with their true superstar...
  2. teacherdean

    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    Press the ignore button and move on!!!
  3. teacherdean

    WNBA discussion thread?

    Fire Fisher now!
  4. teacherdean

    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

    You can buy the google Chromecast device and cast to your tv. The old version can be purchased for somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 or less, or the new version for around $60. You can still have casting issues. Neither ROKU or Chromecast offer the WNBA app, though they both feature the NBA app.
  5. teacherdean

    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

    They need to fire coach Fisher, he has too much talent to be under 500. The man couldn’t coach a lick in the NBA.
  6. teacherdean

    What do Y'll think about these stars?

    To keep the program at the forefront it will take the recruiting of top incoming freshmen and to continue to recruit the portal. Right now I believe KJH and her staff are headed in the right direction. While Horston, Key and Jackson will be gone we still will have a good group to build from. We...
  7. teacherdean

    What do Y'll think about these stars?

    The roster didn’t just improve, it improved greatly.
  8. teacherdean

    What do Y'll think about these stars?

    I believe it equals an advantage we didn’t have at the end of the year. We have a legitimate chance of winning an SEC title and an NCAA championship. We now have a legitimate chance of reviving the days past by when we were considered one of the top five teams in the country. We have all the...
  9. teacherdean

    Jillian Hollingshead commits to Tennessee

    Don’t worry about Franklin she will get her time on the floor. Having Hollingshead, Franklin and Key gives us so many options to control the boards consistently. We have the bigs to run in and out keeping the center position fresh and putting pressure on the other teams posts. With what we...
  10. teacherdean

    Proud Daddy

    Congratulations to you and your family and there is nothing wrong with being a proud parent.
  11. teacherdean

    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

    Fisher did little to prove he could coach in the NBA and has not shown much improvement in the WNBA. I can’t believe the Sparks gave him the GM job as well as the HC job.
  12. teacherdean

    2023 Recruiting

    I agree 100% the more legit talent you have the harder it will be to please everyone. However, I think KJH plan is to play in your face fast pace defense. To get maximum effectiveness, she will have to pray either a 9 or 10 player rotation. Now if she has 4 or 5 players she is giving very...
  13. teacherdean

    2023 Recruiting

    In reality the argument related to who stayed, who left, and who was recruited by whom means nothing if you can’t do anything with what was left. Right now KJH has done a good job. In addition she has added some interesting pieces to the mix. There is no doubt that Holly was an excellent...
  14. teacherdean

    Transfer Portal 21-22

    You can still be a dominant rebounder and scorer from the 3 and 4 position if you have some serious hops and are coached how to use your body to get in a position of strength and play with physicality. A perfect example is Blackwell who is in the portal from Missouri.
  15. teacherdean

    Transfer Portal 21-22

    Right now unless things change significantly, the only dominant post we have to worry about is Boston in our conference. Look at the likes of Indiana and Michigan, they are undersized but gang rebound. Naz Hillmon was a 6’2” post for Michigan but was a great rebounder who knew how to use her...
  16. teacherdean

    Transfer Portal 21-22

    The thing is we do don’t want any old 6’4”, we need one with some positive stats that can keep things in control while Key takes a breather. Jaz Franklin is 6’1” or so but has better than average jumping skills and is tough in the paint. She knows how to position her body against taller post...
  17. teacherdean

    Transfer Portal 21-22

    Aston was hired by UTSA to build them a women’s basketball program. She actually put Texas back on the road to being relevant. The problem was that she could not beat Baylor or go very far in the NCAA tournament. She was a better version of Holly, except she was a little better coach, but not...
  18. teacherdean

    Puckett and Miles

    You have to pay less attention to some posters who thrive on controversy and creating false rumors.
  19. teacherdean

    Jasmine Franklin Committed

    Darth I have followed this young lady for three years and she isn’t just another undersized mid-major post. She excelled against power 5 competitors. This young lady is a rebounding and defensive machine. Before you go complaining, give the young lady a chance to prove her value. This young...
  20. teacherdean

    Janiah Barker decommitting

    You have to ignore some of these characters on Vol Nation. Many just want to present controversy even in the best of situations. We could win the championship next year and the same people would complain about how we did it. We have some very good players who have the talent to do amazing...

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