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  1. clay1551

    Oklahoma ROLL CALL.

    Section AA Row 14 with my old man. Don't plan on leaving the stadium with my voice
  2. clay1551

    Parking Spots -- Need Advice

    This is my first year as a donor, and I got Locust St garage as well. I'm completely unaware of how the tailgating environment is on that side of town since most of my time as a student was spent tailgating elsewhere on campus. Anyone have any tailgating recommendations? Also, the 1 mile walk...
  3. clay1551

    Another Hype Video for This Upcoming Season Can't wait for this upcoming fall. 75 days... Go Vols!
  4. clay1551

    recruiting tweets only - *no discussion* (media/players/coaches only)

    Sterling Johnson @HighlightReal90 10m @ReidBoy_97 congrats on the commitment bro! Might be joining you man !
  5. clay1551

    recruiting tweets only - *no discussion* (media/players/coaches only)

    Torrance Gibson @quick_tg6 12m #DreamTeam15 🏈
  6. clay1551

    recruiting tweets only - *no discussion* (media/players/coaches only)

    Torrance Gibson @quick_tg6 "Walking around campus & loving it 🔶 #VolNation"
  7. clay1551

    Sign for Sweet 16 Game

    Michigan... Can't Boxout Stokes
  8. clay1551

    '15 GA OL Chuma Edoga

    Would be a huge get for Butch and Co. His film shows he doesn't stop until way after the whistle and he plays nasty. Want
  9. clay1551

    '14 CA CB Adoree' Jackson (Signed with USC)

    Walk into the conference room and commit to Coach Jones on national tv
  10. clay1551

    '14 GA DE Andrew Williams

    He tweeted this at 3am. We must be on his mind. “@DrewWill_79: #VFL #GBO”
  11. clay1551

    recruiting tweets only - *no discussion* (media/players/coaches only)

    Andrew Williams “@DrewWill_79: #VFL #GBO”
  12. clay1551

    Who does Malone pick tommorrow?

    I'll start
  13. clay1551

    Shakers at the games

    I don't know if this has been discussed, but the Athletic Dept is providing 10K shakers for the entire student section (not just the one portion of the student section as usual). While this isn't going to make a huge difference as far as seeing the whole shaker effect within the whole stadium...
  14. clay1551

    "Beat Vandy Bonfire"

    I'm sorry, but I disagree. Yes, the football program is not in an ideal situation due to many reasons. As fans, all we can do is support this program. Therefore, that is what I'm going to do and I would encourage you to do the same if you are a Vol fan. I'm aware of all of the historical stats...
  15. clay1551

    "Beat Vandy Bonfire"

    will reply to you tomorrow, sir.
  16. clay1551

    "Beat Vandy Bonfire"

    Sorry here it is. Mods delete my previous two posts please.
  17. clay1551

    "Beat Vandy Bonfire"

    This is an open to the public event, not just for students. Even though we figure it will be mostly students who show up since it is on campus during a weekday.
  18. clay1551

    "Beat Vandy Bonfire"

    FIJI Island is the nickname for the big rectangular grass lot in the middle of fraternity row. It's right behind TRECS on Volunteer Blvd.
  19. clay1551

    "Beat Vandy Bonfire"

    UT's Facility Services is supplying the wood and building it.
  20. clay1551

    "Beat Vandy Bonfire"

    The University of Tennessee and the SGA Traditions Committee is sponsoring a "Beat Vandy Bonfire" on Friday, Nov. 22nd @ 5:30pm on FIJI Island. I'll summarize below to keep this short: Butch Jones will be there speaking FREE Chik-Fil-A sandwiches (about 500-700 to be exact) Huge bonfire...

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