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  1. jbcollins

    Best jersey Number in UT football history?

    this one right here is the winner
  2. jbcollins

    The WTF story of the Day

    Glad i'm ugly
  3. jbcollins

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Ball State*****

    Tennessee 54 Ball State 06
  4. jbcollins

    If Vols have surprise season would Arch Manning reconsider?

    Arch may have an arm, a high foot acumen, and a legendary name, but you know what he doesn't have ? Pajama pants, Go Vols.
  5. jbcollins

    Brett Mcmurphy bowl prediction for UT

    yeah that would be a disappointment.
  6. jbcollins

    What did you have for dinner II?

  7. jbcollins

    I guess 62 wasn’t enough to shut Mizzou mouth

    yeah, nothing really egregious
  8. jbcollins

    What did you have for dinner II?

    honey nut cheerios
  9. jbcollins

    Front page update

  10. jbcollins

    If UT had to give up a tradition, which one?

    people complaining about woo
  11. jbcollins

    Vols commit on UT recruiting

    what is a supercut ?
  12. jbcollins

    SEC Shorts

    most of us are pretty aware of ourselves and where we stand.
  13. jbcollins

    Spring practice #4

  14. jbcollins

    Why hasn't Neyland Stadium been named The VOLCANOE?

    Pointing and laughing Op.
  15. jbcollins

    Saban Hires Dooley as Offensive Analyst

    Our mistakes can't even make it to field coaches down there...
  16. jbcollins

    When Saban Retires...

    Actually they will probably buy the second best coach in the land.
  17. jbcollins

    February Signing Day

    its kinda the same except it happens mostly in December ?

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