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  1. salsahound

    List of visiting recruits

    The announcer should ask for silence and say we would like to show how much we appreciate our possible future recruits being here and show some love by bringing down the place.
  2. salsahound

    Peyton As Coach?

    The way I look when my wife interrupts a Borne movie with, "Did I hear you say you were weed eating today".
  3. salsahound

    Nico and his Prada glasses @ Elite 11

    I hope this is not an early sign of "hey, look at me y'all" big headism.
  4. salsahound

    Real Issue: Shooting %, not ball control

    There is a pattern here. GREAT recruiting and then GREAT preseason hype and then GREAT early season play and THEN no low post play to speak of and can't hit the basket standing under it. Barnes is not the answer. Watching us fall in the polls is a yearly thing. Need to make a change.
  5. salsahound

    Jason Witten’s First NFL TD Jersey

    Why don't you just rub it in our face..........kidding
  6. salsahound

    Lady Vols vs Chattanooga

    18 posts into this thread and all sorts of analysis comments................and I still don't know the score. UT 91 UTC 41 (Thanks ESPN)
  7. salsahound

    '25 CA QB Madden Iamaleava

    Where you going? I am a leava
  8. salsahound

    Early Signing Day!

    There is a sense of trusts we haven't had in a long time. We'll be ok I think.
  9. salsahound

    How Excited Are You for National Signing Day

    Well to answer that, when I am real excited I pee a lot and this season I am doing just that, peeing a lot. I have enjoyed this season more than I have for years. Can't wait till the Bowl game and next season.
  10. salsahound

    In case you haven't noticed, we're on the move -2022 Rankings-

    I was looking at the commit list and discovered that TE recruit Brody Foley from Cincinnati lives in a van down by the river.
  11. salsahound

    Coach Change Chaos!

    One of my son's is an engineer. He used to work for Eastman in Kingsport. He was offered a job with a company that offers a service where a big company needs help getting more profitable. There are breakdowns in their processes and procedures (losses). They hire my son's company to completely...
  12. salsahound

    Coach's Reaction To Oklahoma Opening

    The Tennessee coach joined the “Erik Ainge Show” on Tuesday and was asked about the job opening in Norman. “You know, as you build a successful program with your staff and players, certainly your name has an opportunity to come up for different openings,” Heupel said. “Just for myself and my...
  13. salsahound

    CJH taking care of his players

    I've heard comments from Volnation posters, ESPN, and talk show commentators about CJH: * What a good offensive mind he has * One of NCAA's best young coaches * A great hire and has UT heading in the right direction * Knows how to get the most out of his players * Etc. The one comment that I...
  14. salsahound

    Saturday could be the last time Neyland can hold 100k+

    I hope this last game at home this season will be full. Maybe if Vandy brings their 31 usual fans we might make it.
  15. salsahound

    Jeremy Banks 89 Tackles (3rd in the SEC)

    I really like his aggressiveness, but misses many tackles also. My point is, I remember him playing running back and fumbling a lot, but I also remember his running like a freight train. I want him back.
  16. salsahound

    Help me out VN...

    Take me along please!!!!
  17. salsahound

    Tiyon Evans shutting it down?

    Nothing says TEAM like ME, ME, ME.
  18. salsahound

    Hendon Hooker

    He has got to be much quicker on his reads and when running, his first move needs to be GO, not half step left or right and spin. Not being overly critical, just my opinion on improvement. Very proud he is here.
  19. salsahound

    Beyond ridiculous - tfr portal

    Now that's funny, but shows your age.
  20. salsahound

    Caption This Photo

    I was a Heisman finalist, what were you, oh yeah, a backup QB.

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