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  1. RowdyTop

    Pruitt’s 1st year, and the his future with Tennessee

    Why would anyone ever want to follow one of the greatest head coaches. That’s a lot of pressure.
  2. RowdyTop

    What fresh hell! Chancellor news!

    I’m pretty sure this is blown out of proportion and that she isn’t a pawn but because she was previously in the UT business school that’s named the Haslam school of business that people think she’s a lapdog for the Haslams. I have yet to see a signal price of evidence that she’s s Haslam pawn...
  3. RowdyTop

    What fresh hell! Chancellor news!

    Before you start an unnecessary riot, to me that tweet just reads that she led the management department at the UT business school which just so happens to be named Haslam Business school. Doesn’t necessarily mean that she has ties to Haslam
  4. RowdyTop

    Jim Carrey using unlicensed Power T for politics?

    Yeah... Donald Trump is not MY president. He's about as much my president as Obama was to conservatives...
  5. RowdyTop

    Have the last 10 years removed us from being a 'blue blood'

    Shut your mouth and don’t ever wear other Power T ever again
  6. RowdyTop

    Orange and White Game Roster

    Trey Smith is playing in the orange white game?
  7. RowdyTop

    Kellie Jolly Harper is coming home

    Look at that... even Pat was wearing Smokey gray before Butch 😜
  8. RowdyTop

    Most Overachieving Vol Team ever...

    How many banners are we gonna have this year?
  9. RowdyTop

    Craziest place you’ve heard a “Go Vols”?

    Cabo San Lucas and Rio De Janeiro
  10. RowdyTop

    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    They wore orange and white cleats in practice last year too and then wore black in the games
  11. RowdyTop

    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    Agreed I’d rather have orange and white cleats then black. The black cleats just look weird with our white uniforms. And NO to the black number outlines too
  12. RowdyTop

    '19 NC RB Quavaris Crouch (Tennessee signee)

    I’m confused, how did Johnny majors get his number retired, I don’t think he was in the pros right?
  13. RowdyTop

    Post NSD Depth Chart?

    I’d rather see banks go back to RB now that we have more depth and let him focus on holding onto the ball this offseason
  14. RowdyTop

    Post NSD Depth Chart?

    Is it official that Trey Smith is done for good?
  15. RowdyTop

    Post NSD Depth Chart?

    Great signing day today! Just curious as to y’alls predictions for the two deep next with our new recruits?
  16. RowdyTop

    '19 AL WR George Pickens (UGA signee)

    Didn’t we already go through this with the cab and kB from last year that threw our hat?
  17. RowdyTop

    '19 CA LB Henry To'oto'o (Tennessee Signee)

    I think the lack of insiders should tell you where this is going...
  18. RowdyTop

    '19 AL WR George Pickens (UGA signee)

    Bless your heart...
  19. RowdyTop

    Checker for Saturday

    Yeah when we broke the streak against Florida

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