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  1. Freiwillige

    Per ESPN Pruitt looking fwd to tell his side of the story.

    Can anyone recall a program that has prospered by hiring a rival program's assistant coach to be their head coach?
  2. Freiwillige

    Official Thread of the St. Louis Cardinals

    I don't understand how Matt Carpenter has suddenly become so good again. I thought that his career was completely over.
  3. Freiwillige

    Gun control debate (merged)

    We also went from "two weeks to stop the spread" to "get vaccinated or lose your job."
  4. Freiwillige

    President Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    If you read the NYT and watch CNN, you would think that all of America's problems exist because Trump and his supporters exist. If the Big Guy is able to read anything or stay awake more than ten minutes at a time, guess what he reads/watches?
  5. Freiwillige

    Roe vs Wade Overturned

    A good day for unborn children.
  6. Freiwillige

    Da Reds thread

    Castellanos to Phillies. Sources: Castellanos joins Phils with $100M deal Small market teams have no chance (except Tampa Bay). They should jst consolidate the NL and drop the Reds, Arizona, Pittsburgh, and Miami. Consolidate the AL too and drop Baltimore, Kansas City, and Cleveland. Maybe...
  7. Freiwillige

    Da Reds thread

    The Reds are racing my Pirates to the bottom. The Pirates are basically a AAA franchise at this point. Maybe not even that.
  8. Freiwillige

    The Oakland A's- MLB's newest AAAA team

    Chris Bassitt to the Mets for two players that I have never heard of. Bad way to run a franchise.
  9. Freiwillige

    National Average Price of Gasoline Hits an All-Time High

    If someone wanted to destroy this country, he would do exactly what Biden has been doing. Inflation taking off, borders open, energy-dependent, woke military, etc.
  10. Freiwillige

    War in Ukraine I doubt that this is a Biden talking point but his Press Secretary mentioned a Putin pattern.
  11. Freiwillige

    War in Ukraine Biden has said repeatedly that he can stop Putin.
  12. Freiwillige

    Public confidence in the military is slipping

    At this point, the U.S. military is the Democratic Party armed with airplanes and tanks. I don't expect that to change. Once the Democrats capture any institution, it becomes useless for its original purpose. The military was supposed to be non-political. Now all that it is about is politics.
  13. Freiwillige

    Juwan Howard Punches Wisconsin Asst Coach

    Howard should be spending the night in jail and tomorrow he should be unemployed. This could have gotten even worse if security had not reacted so quickly.
  14. Freiwillige

    Control Of House 2022 The walls are closing in on warmonger Cheney's daughter.
  15. Freiwillige

    Favorite Commentators

    Vin Scully - BB Keith Jackson - FB No real favorite for BB
  16. Freiwillige

    Canada's Truck Convoy to Protest Mandate

    Imagine how this would be reported if this were a BLM protest.
  17. Freiwillige

    Canada's Truck Convoy to Protest Mandate

    Ottawa police engaging in criminal behavior. Trudeau is Stalin and the police are his Red Guards.
  18. Freiwillige

    That's racist!

    When a white person exists, the white person is a racist. When a black person runs over grandmothers and little kids, the vehicle went out of control.
  19. Freiwillige

    That's racist!

    Rocky Top's DEI Agenda | City Journal Wokey Top.
  20. Freiwillige

    Public confidence in the military is slipping

    I wonder what Milley did to get all of those medals? It wasn't for winning any wars.

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