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  1. hexnut

    With a Music City Bowl Win...

    I remember the winter of 1951. It was a bad one.
  2. hexnut

    Memorial Day 2021

    I was there that night. I dont ever forget it. Thanks. 3/5 Cav. C troop BlackKnights Vietnam 1969.
  3. hexnut

    Memorial Day 2021

    RIP my buddies, April 18, 1969 Vietnam.
  4. hexnut

    LB Beasley Under Investigation

    Humans make choices. Animals don't.
  5. hexnut

    Get Behind Coach Heupel

    My wife says aight. LOL
  6. hexnut

    What I will miss most about Jeremy Pruitt...

    I cant think of anything.
  7. hexnut

    Pruitt’s lawyer makes a statement denying wrongdoing

    If The law firm UT hired found all the facts (these guys are good. This is what they do) He wont get a penny. Like it says in his contract. Its in black and white and as clear as Day.
  8. hexnut

    Wanya Morris In the transfer portal

    Heck Smokey has entered the transfer portal.
  9. hexnut

    Poll: What Kind of Coach are you Looking For?

    One that has more than two brain cells that work. And can speak the English language.
  10. hexnut

    The official "Jeremy Pruitt has been fired" WATCH THREAD.

    You mean he is still here!!
  11. hexnut

    What does Tennessee hiring of Glazier mean?

    The article about hiring Glazier was in the Tennessean this morning.
  12. hexnut

    Hugh Freeze mega thread and poll [merged]

    You don't pay hookers for sex, you pay them to leave when you get through.
  13. hexnut

    Hugh Freeze mega thread and poll [merged]

    There was an article in the Tennessean news paper why they should hire him. They were all for it. They said if they think hiring Freeze would embarrass the university then why did they hire Pruitt who butchers the English language as badly as anyone ever employed at an institution of higher...
  14. hexnut

    Please do not go to football games till a change is made

    Then your deserve this crappy mess you are getting.
  15. hexnut

    Austin Pope dropping a bomb

  16. hexnut

    Pruitt Fired Before the New Year?

    Why does any one think that Pruitt will suddenly learn to be a head coach in year 4 or 5.He is as good as he is going to be right now.
  17. hexnut

    What is going on?

    The longer Fulmer keeps Pruitt the worse he looks as AD.
  18. hexnut

    Who did this? Banner

    Well if its not real, it ought to be.
  19. hexnut

    Since it seems he is staying, here is a little something for Pruitt....

    If they would sit him on the bench and let his assistants run the show it would be a big improvement.

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