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  1. therickbol

    ‘23 ME PF JP Estrella

    Wayne Chism was a threat from 3. So was Ron Slay.
  2. therickbol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    They were one of my favorites!
  3. therickbol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Love the setting of downtown with the mountain/valley region. But the school system has continued to decline and the unsafe areas of Chattanooga have continued to expand. It really depends on where you choose to live in each of those two options. And whether you are willing to use private or...
  4. therickbol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    I would have said Chattanooga 20 years ago. But now I think I would say Knoxville.
  5. therickbol

    ‘23 AL WDE Tomarrion Parker

    It's so pitiful to keep bringing up a move to OL especially since the only FACT it is based on is because he is white. It's embarrassing. The entire premise is ridiculous fans that see a DL that is white and assume he can't play DL.
  6. therickbol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    You have seen a hidden room behind a bookshelf. This takes it to a whole 'nother level. You can't see the room that door is leading put to.
  7. therickbol

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    First time I have seen a player enroll early for volleyball season. 🏐
  8. therickbol

    2023 Target List

    Interesting being recruited by these schools.
  9. therickbol

    ‘23 AL ATH Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    Actually believing that past actions pre-determine future actions. That's a sad place to be psychologically.
  10. therickbol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Brittany Jackson the mother?
  11. therickbol

    ‘23 AL ATH Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    UGA is pushing hard. UT still going to land him.
  12. therickbol

    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    Her and Trenton Hassell's daughter are both STUDS. I would not be surprised if both of them are Top 10 players in the entire country at this point. Still lots of development between now and college. But at this point, there are few players better in their age group in the entire country.
  13. therickbol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    I saw a cougar the other day. That count? I only remember because it was very embarrassing when I told her I was married.
  14. therickbol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    I had conversations with 2 people that were giving first-hand accounts. 1 from practice. 1 from being around the players in social/housing setting. Both gave me the exact same information: he never bought into the team and he was lazy and had very little work ethic. He was/is talented. But he...
  15. therickbol

    ‘23 AL ATH Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    But he visited UGA. Posters complained about us losing him as if he had already signed with UGA. You mean to tell me that it's possible that posters complained about something happening that had not in fact happened. Well, that seems like a waste of time.
  16. therickbol

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Science Hill historically is a superior basketball school/community. One of the reasons is they have always prioritized basketball. Athletes are not an issue. I think in men's basketball SH has a higher ceiling. Farragut much superior in baseball because of how much they make it a priority.
  17. therickbol

    Sewell is back!

    Possibly everything except weekend starter. Although we have any injuries and he would be crucial to fill that weekend role.
  18. therickbol

    Sewell is back!

    He took a job and was going to move on with life without baseball.

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