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  1. UtennfaninVa

    Official Nashville Predators Thread

    Lived for 2 years in Montreal when I was younger due to my father's work with the US government, wife is from northern Vermont about 45 minutes south of Montreal and all her family still lives there and she is related to the Richard brothers (her grandmother's maiden name was Richard and I...
  2. UtennfaninVa

    Official Nashville Predators Thread

    Seeing as I appear to be the lone Habs fan here on Volnation, I wanted to stop by and say good luck tonight. Hopefully we get to see a good game with two great goaltenders and no injuries. I would not be opposed for us to meet again in the Finals in June. ALLEZ MONTREAL! GO HABS GO!
  3. UtennfaninVa

    The NHL thread (Buffalo, well at least you are not Cleveland)

    Always a good day to beat Les Abominable Feuille d'Érables! And Price got his 31st shutout! GO HABS GO!
  4. UtennfaninVa

    Song that mentions the vols

    We Be From Tennessee by 3rd Street Ballers - YouTube We Be From Tennessee by the 3rd Street Ballers
  5. UtennfaninVa

    OFFICIAL Pick-the-Score Contest: Alabama

    Bama 41 Tennessee 10 218 Yards of Offense
  6. UtennfaninVa

    Official Pick the Score Contest: Ole Miss

    Ole Miss - 30 Tennessee - 13 Passing Yards Allowed - 196
  7. UtennfaninVa

    OFFICIAL Pick-the-Score Contest: Florida

    Tennessee - 31 Florida - 27 94 Yards Rushing
  8. UtennfaninVa

    The Play Calling Against Oklahoma Thread

    3rd and 2, inside the opposing 5 yard line, 4 down territory...RUN THE GODD@#N BALL...nope 100 yard pick six...the epitome of tonight's playcalling.
  9. UtennfaninVa

    OFFICIAL Pick-the-Score Contest: Oklahoma

    OU 35 UT 24 Hurd 44 yards
  10. UtennfaninVa

    OFFICIAL Arkansas State Pick-the-Score Contest

    Tennessee 41 Arkansas State 7 Pig Receiving 46 yards
  11. UtennfaninVa

    OFFICIAL Utah State Pick-The-Score Contest

    Tennessee 31 Utah St. 17 Worley Passing Yards: 157
  12. UtennfaninVa

    SEC Network- How Long You Gonna Wait?

    Looks like Cox Cable has signed up to carry SEC Network as of a couple days ago. Link.
  13. UtennfaninVa

    Official Screw Your Cable Company Thread

    I'm sure if Cox Cable gets a chance to screw me over on this they sure won't pass up the opportunity....
  14. UtennfaninVa

    Vandy's Anchor falls off sinking ship, recovered by Volunteers

    In 25 years, when we are on the verge of scoring a touchdown to go up by 50 points with only a minute left to go in a game that would mark our 25th straight win over Vanderbilt, someone will say "Just take a knee, we don't have to embarrass them, they're like our little brother" and I will tell...
  15. UtennfaninVa

    Who Voted Vols Top 25?

    Helfrich at Oregon could have. Having UT get into the rankings would help their SoS argument should it come down to a close vote as to which team between undefeated Oregon, FSU, or OSU would be #2 behind Alabama should all 4 win out.
  16. UtennfaninVa

    Erik Ainge on Petros and Money Show

    This thread is giving me a craving for fritos corn chip nachos.
  17. UtennfaninVa

    Met a Vol fan from France today...

    When I was in France a few years ago I was staying in Strasburg (on the French-German border) and I had some random French guy on the street yell at me (I was wearing a UT hat) "Allez L'Orange!, Go Vols!" Ever since then, I have used the Allez L'Orange call as an inside joke between my fiancé...
  18. UtennfaninVa

    Lack of vols in Gainesville

    So that justifies it? I have been to every SEC campus plus about 20 others and have seen fraternity row at nearly all of them. I've never seen anything like that at any of the others. Most will tailgate with you and have fun trashtalking, not throw human waste.
  19. UtennfaninVa

    Arian Foster admits to taking money at UT...

    Finebaum just commented on ESPN about this situation. He mentioned something about the statute of limitations having ran on the NCAA being able to punish UT over this. Does anyone know anything more about the details about the statute of limitations he is referring to? If this is true, and we...
  20. UtennfaninVa

    Lack of vols in Gainesville

    You can call BS all you want but walking down Fraternity Dr to the stadium three people in front of the KA house were throwing the cups then ran back into the house. I didn't get hit, but the girl about 20 feet in front of us that did was soaked. My problem was more with the UF PD officers...

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