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    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    ZZ missed 2 wide open 3s and JJJ missed wide open 3. All from the same spot and late in the game. Barnes has got to not let them shoot wide open 3s
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    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    ZZ missed 2 wide open 3's then JJJ missed a wide open 3. All from the same spot. Barnes has got to those guys to not shoot from there.
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    Ziegler Nickname

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    '20 GA RB Jahmyr Gibbs (Bama Commit)

    Just checked the stats and CJH doesn't throw to RB much. Out of 217 passes caught this season, 19 were caught from the RB position. I think Small led with 8.
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    Favorite "Vandy" Game Memories?

    1974 I was 9 years old my dad took me and my brother to game at Vandy. My dad knew Larry Seivers dad so after game we got to meet Larry before they got on the bus. When the bus pulled off Stanley Morgan looked out the window at us and shot us a peace sign. We shot him one back. That was big time...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    UF 52 UT 24 yards 132
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    Son-in-Law needs suggestions.

    Orange Pearl
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    Randomly meeting a Vol Stories

    Work in a portable office selling construction products. Lester McClain, Corey Allen, and DeRon Jenkins have been in. Met Don DeVoe at the Oklahoma City airport waiting on our plane. He was Navy head coach at the time. He loved talking about the Vols. I'd ask him about a player (Tony White...
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    Pick our Rivals #2

    Georgia St. BYU
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    CJH: "Staff In Place By Monday"

    How bout you meet me by the orange porta potty on Cumberland Ave at the spring game since your impressed with yourself.
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    CJH: "Staff In Place By Monday"

    New staff at Vanderbilt has an O.C. that has 7 years experience coaching on offense in NFL. D.C. has 4 years on defensive staff in NFL. LB coach 6 years coaching in NFL. Def. Ends coach played 8 years in NFL. New staff at AZ has O.C. with 6 years coaching offense in NFL. Dline coach has been at...
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    Get Behind Coach Heupel

    Vols averaged 7.1 points in the second half in 2020. Not sure if true or not but word is Heupel saw that stat and said, "I'll take the job".
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    The Official #18 Tennessee vs. Mississippi State Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Same here. JJJ doesn't even look for a shot. Vescovi has tough time getting shot off. Fulky is a non factor, maybe he's hurt. Hopefully Springer doesn't miss anymore games. He seems to make everybody better. Springer doesn't look bothered like some by any barking from the sidelines either. What...
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    Price: Franklin Likely Remaining at Penn State

    Maybe it's already been asked, is PSU not his dream job?
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    Post your coaching pick

    As fictional AD, in 2016 after a certain game that the Vols actually won, I decided I would fire the Vols head coach at seasons end. I then hired PJ Fleck for the 2017 season. Back to reality, I believe he has a current10 million buyout.
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    Doug Matthews

    What did he say this morning?
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    Cooper Mays tweet

    Jack Lavender and Jimmy Stewart
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    What would you guys think about Will Overstreet as DL coach?

    Bernard King HC Tony White WR coach Howard Wood OL coach Johnny Darden RB coach Ernie Grunfeld DC coach Steve Ray LB coach Dale Ellis OC Reggie Johnson TE coach Michael Brooks Special Teams Gary Carter DB coach Dyron Nix Recruiting Coordinator

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