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    2023 Target List

    Didn't Shaw go to 90% on his cb? Someone clearly told him as well, so don't beat yourself up, S.F.
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    John Adams: Excuses

    Adams is great at his job. Which is to write columns that generate buzz. The job of newspapers isn't to make everything sunshine and roses. That's the problem with people these days. No one wants to hear the truth, they just want to hear how great their side is. It's why MSNBC and Fox News...
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    Most impactful play you witnessed at Neyland

    2000. We ran all over Florida all day at will and still managed to lose that one on that garbage call.
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    Most impactful play you witnessed at Neyland

    Stoener's fumble is really the only answer to those of us who were around 24 years ago and attending games. Before that moment for me it was Mike Terry intercepting Walter Lewis in the end zone to wrap the win over Bama in 1982 with the Jeff Hall FG coming in in 3rd place.
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    Vols Players form Own NIL Club

    Nope. The person I was responding too was saying college players were in the wrong for wanting more of the money they generate and they should be satisfied with the crumbs they were getting for years, even mentioning free meals at the training table as if that's some great benefit. If he's...
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    Chris Lofton UT's all time 3 point leader

    Santi can technically play two more years, can't he? So if he made 120+ the next two years he would break the record. A very tall task but not impossible.
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    2023 Target List

    Is Kansas currently shut down for recruiting? Seems like I saw that regarding their NCAA case recently.
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    2023 Target List

    Kennedy said Duke was like a dream school, not Duke was his dream school. But even so, yes. Winning a hundred bucks on a scratch ticket doesn't mean it's a good idea to keep investing in the tickets. Our track record in landing these "dream school is a blue blood" when said blue blood is hotly...
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    Can Pruitt infractions open the crack into Saban?

    Any violations that happened while he was there are no longer eligible to be investigated. So it wouldn't matter from a practical standpoint, even if the SEC/NCAA were motivated. They weren't motivated when Bama players whose family income was 30k a year showed up driving 70k cars. They didn't...
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    2023 Target List

    #1 question to any recruit before investing time/effort into them; do you have a dream school where you always wanted to play? If the answer is offering them, walk away and focus elsewhere.
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    ‘23 PA SF Justin Edwards

    Hopefully Edwards is a monumental bust.
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    Per ESPN Pruitt looking fwd to tell his side of the story.

    Thornton was in touch with Currie's bosses telling them Fulmer was ready to roll. He was also sabotaging Currie's attempt to hire others and went full nuclear and pulled the coup when Currie hired Leach. It wasn't Phil's first sabotaging trip around the back rooms while at UT.
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    Per ESPN Pruitt looking fwd to tell his side of the story.

    Fulmer helped orchestrate a good bit of the crisis. He was never a viable candidate (viable means he wad capable enough to do the job) but they gave him the job anyway at the best of a mega booster, who actually wanted him installed as coach. At least they had good sense to dodge that bullet...
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    Middle Tennessee Vol.. cost of going to Florida game ..FYI

    Eat less and sleep in your car, or just drive home. That said, I'm with the poster above, I'm not sure how Tennessee is ripping you or anyone off here.
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    Andy Staples Question in Broader Article

    What program did Fulmer build??
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    Per ESPN Pruitt looking fwd to tell his side of the story.

    I'm struggling to see any possible reason Pruitt has to sue. Wrongful termination suits have to be filed within 180 days. His contract quite clearly stated that he could be fired with cause for NCAA violations, of which he wracked up 18. He could maybe attempt to file a breach of contract suit...
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    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    1999 was it for me. Fulmer returned a loaded national championship roster and went out and couldn't be bothered to change the snap count during a game where one player got about 32 sacks and came as close to single-handedly beating us as anyone I've ever seen. We went on to go 9-3 with that...
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    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    Majors is the 2nd best coach we've had here. Majors took over a floundering program, and we've seen how hard it is to stop that over the last 13 years. In less than 10 years Majors had snapped Bama's win streak, won the SEC and finished in the top 5. It's selling Majors way short to downplay...
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    Notice of Allegations received today Friday 7/22

    Pruitt was dead to me the moment he made Alabama winning a national title his priority over getting to work here.
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    Vols Players form Own NIL Club

    Will you come and mow my yard for free the rest of summer, this heat is just awful? I'll give you a free sandwich and provide the mower gas.

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