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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa (Miami commit)

    He is an idiot if he expecting some amazing ROI from this for his businesses.
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    ‘23 MS WR Ayden Williams

    I think this staff is comfortable waiting to see what WRs develop over senior year like a Webb did and having spots for WR transfers that will want to come here.
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    ‘23 LA CB Jordan Matthews (Tennessee commit)

    Wonder if how this played out was some neyor payback. Matthews said he has known for weeks he was picking TN yet played the game perfectly
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    SJW Culture, Pride Parades, Tolerance and such

    I bet this dude was part of the HBO undercover rushees for their documentary in Bama rush week. Can’t stand the woke media trying to set up stories. He knew he wasn’t going to be accepted into a girl sorority.
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Nelson ain’t flipping. Just raising his price
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon (Tennessee Commit)

    Trey Smith played HS competition in the level of the school of the blind and he was fine. Real Players will shine regardless of step up in competition or not.
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    '18 MD DE Eyabi Anoma

    Banks was never kicked out of school. This kid was kicked out of Alabama the school not just football then kicked off Houston team. He finally gets to a place to have some success and jumps ship in middle of fall practice. He would not have a chance to succeed anywhere he goes this fall and we...
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    '19 CA ATH/WR Horace "Bru" McCoy (Tennessee commit)

    Sorry but we should have already been pushing harder. It’s a trend with our compliance to let things drag at this Point. Should be annoying usc every day and that lil dick prick Riley. Then escalate it publicly if they won’t to show people how they don’t care about kids
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    '18 GA RB Lyn-J Dixon (Tennessee transfer)

    Interesting that he has 2 years of eligibility. If he is smart he uses this year to get his feet wet in system with a focus on next yr being a impact. As Swain said yesterday he shouldn’t have any expectation of being a one and done as nfl will need to see more than a year to forget about his...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Jimmy Holiday seems to pop up in about every camp video and most conversations about WR room. Hope he stays healthy and can show his skills. Kid can be electric in open field
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Some relative of Pruitt. Guy didn’t exist pre Pruitt era. Then is a weirdo that tweets every hour hating heupel when literally nobody even neutral people Don’t hate heupel. The guy acts like he is the devil or something. Needs to be banned. Idiot says Kingston harris stepped on a helmet and...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    We better hope the OL stays healthy. That 2nd group of OL names is iffy
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    '18 GA RB Lyn-J Dixon (Tennessee transfer)

    Talent wise a def take but we have passed in him twice before when RB has always been a need. That concerns me that we are changing our minds regarding whatever it was. He seems destined to be here though. He has tried multiple times and wanted to be here so maybe that allows him to act like a...
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Um yes ncaa don’t care lol.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Stallworth and Kamara
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    ‘23 AL OT Stanton Ramil (Michigan St. commit)

    Stoerner Fumbles is such a great name. Imagine being Stoerner. Every morning I would probably wake up reliving that moment where I stumbled and lost in one of the most unbelievable ways you can imagine
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    ‘23 AL ATH Rickey Gibson (Tennessee commit)

    Burrell played wel to start year then lost his confidence midway and never got it back
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    ESPN doesn’t have the resources to fully evaluate recruiting. It’s kind of pointless to why they even try anymore. Nico not attending elite 11 droppped him for them as that is one of the few things they can send people to evaluate at these days
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Fully expected to read a bunch of Ky fans losing their mind in comments but was surprised to see only one idiot. The rest know the deal and just don’t like to admit it
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    ‘23 AL DL Hunter Osborne (Alabama commit)

    They always will. Kids in that state want to go to Texas. They are born and raised dreaming of it. Also somewhat their downfall as this kids have been playing a more wide open spread type of ball leading to less physical defensive players than they used to get. Which has been their primary...

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