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  1. Evergrenevol

    Prayers request for my granddaughter again

    My prayers are with you and yours. Hang in there.
  2. Evergrenevol

    Major Shout Out To Mays

    Yes, he had a painful limp in the second half.. He also had a painful limp his senior year at Catholic. In the first half, Cooper rolled 2 snaps back on the ground back to Hooker before he started limping. Both times it caused Hooker to take a sack.… Coop is just beat up right now.
  3. Evergrenevol

    We Have Got To Improve Recruiting

    Good Points. I truly like our Team. Heupel also alluded to the fact that we have one of thinest rosters in Division 1. I believe that our roster is 9-11 men shy of a full roster. That makes it brutal on players and coaches. But they’re hanging tough!
  4. Evergrenevol

    Lack of discipline..

    10 Penalties - 85 yds. Incredible lack of Discipline…… 3 Dropped passes Heupel misses the spot that Pitt got going inside the 10…/ Heupel then comes back tonight, not really paying attention, and drops the flag for a review, even when Millions of people saw that the Gator clearly made the...
  5. Evergrenevol

    Thoughts after three games (long read)

    +1 Really good post GA
  6. Evergrenevol

    Hendon Hooker-Starter?

    _______________________________________________________________________________ I agree, Hendon did better than Joe.…BUT, Hendon also did some very bad things. Hooker went 15/21 for 188 / 2 TDs / 1 Interception / don’t forget his 1 fumble, and don’t forget how he performed when the game...
  7. Evergrenevol

    If someone had told me.....

    Great post, and I agree with everything you said. I saw some really good things today along with the bad. A lot of inconsistency in rhythm with the offense and defense, but they never quit! You can add Byron Young as an MIA today as well. It was good to see Hendon Hooker breath life into the...
  8. Evergrenevol


    Very sorry for your loss David. Prayers sent. Your wife is in a better place now.
  9. Evergrenevol

    Dee Beckwith any updates

    Saying Jamal Lewis wasn’t a good blocker is inaccurate. Once he understood the blocking schemes, he was a monster at blocking for us..
  10. Evergrenevol

    Smokers Cough

    Don’t worry. It’s not pollen. It’s some type of Radiation that’s emanating from Oak Ridge..
  11. Evergrenevol

    27 players made their Tennessee debuts last week

    Thanks Freak! This cultivated talent is amazing to me. There are a lot of very good players on that list. Kudos to the coaches who busted their butts to put this team together. Kudos to the players who decided to stick with the Big Orange! Thanks to AD White, Coach Heupel and Donde Plowman...
  12. Evergrenevol

    Something to consider

    Another red-neck, cowardly shot at a great man who gave his all for The University of Tennessee!
  13. Evergrenevol

    Pitt fan here

    Kudos to all the posters in this thread! Hospitality and Class from ALL! VERY IMPRESSIVE.
  14. Evergrenevol

    The Iceman is in The House..

    He was a hell of a competitor and tough as nails
  15. Evergrenevol

    The Iceman is in The House..

    Thanks for the identification on Kevin Simon. (The guy to Casey’s right) He was a High School All-American linebacker out of De La Salle high school in Concord, California. Kevin committed to Tennessee and was invited to play in a prestigious High School All-American game. On one of the first...
  16. Evergrenevol

    The Iceman is in The House..

    Ugh… Do you know who that is?
  17. Evergrenevol

    The Iceman is in The House..

    I believe that’s Harry Galbreath on the left.
  18. Evergrenevol

    The Iceman is in The House..

    Good to see Mr. Casey Clausen in Neyland again!
  19. Evergrenevol

    Saw some good things..

    and some bad things….. - The defense played very well. When we tackled, their backs and receivers went backwards. Our D-line controlled the line of scrimmage. Numerous tackles at the line of scrimmage and in the backfield. The linebackers and secondary were superlative with several pass...

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