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  1. stllvf

    Tennessee Soccer

    three interviews
  2. stllvf

    UA Next 24 game

    My personal belief is that Elzy offered her sister, who was not heavily recuited in March 2022, for the reason you inferred. We will learn 15 months from now whether that ploy was successful.
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    Tennessee Lady Vol Track and Field

    With UTn hiring a coach dedicated competing nationally in Track and Field I felt our board should have a thread. If you watch track and field you can easily recognize the shoe contracts for the top athletics/ Amy Steiner Kentucky sprinter has a $ 2 Million NIL. And the University of...
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    2023 Recruiting

    the fact that one or more board member is impatient on signings in early August is their problem, but their problem is of no consequence to the team we support. Personally I remember waiting each year until the first weekend in September for PHS to bring in a group of recruits in for an...
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    2023 Recruiting

    Gametime: No creditability until you show us a selfie wearing a Justine t-shirt!
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    Bad news for UConn fans, maybe not for you

    The concerned responses from our members concerning an injury to another team's player is yet another example of why I enjoy most of our board members. The individual who titled the thread, a Connecticutt fan obviously does not, and thus I will only state - not an appropriate title.
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    450 have watched but if you haven't seen here is link
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    Justine has arrived

    I was impressed at how easily she fed the post players on the u-17 team. Positioned on the deep wing (smile) with the opposing teams aware of her ability she made a number of precise overhead passes inside. For sure developing a defensive game plan will be difficult for opposing teams.
  9. stllvf

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    Jaloni Cambridge has two sisters playing at two different SEC schools. Kentucky signed her sister in the late period so she will be a freshman this year. Her sister at Vandy is a senior.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

    I just spent probably an hour looking at the roster of the SEC teams. With the exception of Missouri each of the teams has three-five transfers many who were successful elsewhere. The success of Lady Vols and the rest of the teams will be in creating chemistry. I was surprised at how well...
  11. stllvf

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    this is "very quiet time" for the LVs and probably should so remain.
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    U17 USA basketball

    I'm confused Jumper - Cambridge is definitely an elite guard (rated #2 in 24) and IMO the MVP for the US -17 team
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    Has anyone seen a post on any LV threads of GameTime wearing one of Justine's NIL Teeshirts? I would have expected him to have posted a selfie if he had. I would be willing to contribute to a fund to buy him one.
  14. stllvf

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    Seldom will you have an opportunity to understand why Jaloni Cambridge 2024 point guard from Ensworth is rated #2 . Watch the just completed U-17 world cup USA vs Spain on U-tube. The USA team is enjoyable to watch and Spain has several talented players including one with a black eye...
  15. stllvf

    Mickey Dearstone successor...

    I would see many values of HER being a Woman with knowledge and wisdom about basketball. Pro the Lady Vols but not an absolute homer, and not one of the really its all about me and my opinion.
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    One LV Non-conference game announced..

    "as part of"
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

  18. stllvf

    2023 SEC games for our Lady Vols

    I don't think we have a choice in that. The SEC determines that and it rotates or changes each year, right? Trivia Georgia Florida; Ky South Carolina, LSU Texas A&M, Miss Miss State; LVol Vandy; Ark Mo are the permanent home and home and the others rotate as...
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    2023 SEC games for our Lady Vols

    Miss State, Florida and Vandy are the three home and away
  20. stllvf

    2023 Recruiting

    the LVs are recruiting two from the U-18 and two /plus one next year from the U-18. If what Coach said in the most recent interview the LVs are being selective . Also recruits can take many official visits and many take them to decide which school to sign with. Hopefully, I'm not...

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