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  1. Lurker

    Tennessee Soccer

    Not turbobol but, it looks like Ms. Sayoc actually enrolled at UT early in January 2021, but then did not appear in any of the Lady Vols' matches during the spring. She transferred to Western Kentucky that summer. See: WKU Soccer adds pair of transfers to 2021 roster
  2. Lurker

    Tennessee Soccer

    IMO, Taylor is a lock to make the national team very soon. She is young but far too talented to be ignored for long. She was outstanding as a freshman and, assuming no change in her approach to life and the sport, she will grow into a team leadership role very naturally and very quickly. I...
  3. Lurker

    Who else noticed Burns body language was off to start the 7th?

    What a great post! And it doesn't rely on 20/20 hindsight for its reasoning! It was a great season by the best baseball team in Tennessee history. Thanks to the BaseVols for an amazing, focused and outstanding effort! Now, wait til next season. GBO!
  4. Lurker

    Hit By Pitch

    I truly don't think it is as much about an intentional bias as much as it was just a different ump with, almost certainly, a different view of the play. Baseball has a huge human element that is and always has been part of the game.
  5. Lurker

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Thoughtful and solid post.
  6. Lurker

    Tennessee Soccer

    Amen! Relationships are the bedrock of any successful team and they are particularly important in women's athletics. The sooner someone gets here, the better, provided it is the right person. I like the list of characteristics in turbo's post. I'm looking forward to seeing this team play in...
  7. Lurker

    Tennessee Soccer

    No surprise here. Ms. Huff is standout in a freshman class of standouts. It's interesting to me that she is named as a forward. With her skillset, I would prefer to play her in the mid under the theory that she will maximize her opportunities to touch the ball and affect the game there...
  8. Lurker

    Rankings 5/9/2022

    There's nothing like a loss or two to a significantly less talented team to motivate and refocus the troops. I'll be very surprised if the team projected pre-season to be fourth or so in the division doesn't reappear with a vengance in the coming days. Go Vols!
  9. Lurker

    Tennessee Soccer

    If I was starting a new college program from scratch, I think I would have one brand and one logo for all - men and women. Yes, the LV is an older brand with an older appearance, but, we have some pretty significant history here that needs to be considered, not tossed. The Lady Vol brand and...
  10. Lurker

    I Surrender

    You know, your post is pretty accurate (though more "Saban-centric" than I have ever worried about). My issue is that, I think the across the board result of NIL and the free-for-all portal is bound to be the end of college football as I remember and loved it. It will be professional minor...
  11. Lurker

    Tennessee Soccer

    mad, don't let your disappointment drive you to this conclusion. Based on media reports, it appears that he was already at or near the top of the salary market before his recent raise. Also, there has been no indication that UT was ever provided an opportunity to respond to an offer from FSU...
  12. Lurker

    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    I think, at best, "college sports" is on life support and that, to me, a fan of old school, "mostly amateur" athletics, is very sad. I couldn't care less about the NBA because I have zero interest in watching a bunch of millionaires running around and playing at the NBA version of basketball...
  13. Lurker

    Brandon Huntley-Hatfield enters the transfer portal

    I have no idea whether BHH even has the option of changing his mind about transferring; but, I'm pretty sure if he did it would benefit him far more than it would the Vols in the short term. He has all the raw materials to be a tremendous player except for the part that puts it all together -...
  14. Lurker

    Maybe Rick Barnes can hire Cuonzo Martin as an assist

    Honestly, both are 0%. Never gonna happen and that is okay.
  15. Lurker

    Rob Lanier to SMU

    Shocker! ;)
  16. Lurker

    It’s the same question as in football.

    "Little stuff like that" often decide games between closely matched opponents. Most teams in the field of the NCAAT are, by definition, going to be closely matched. One may be "better" on paper, but it is the game result that matters and, if you know sports, you also know that's just how the...
  17. Lurker

    UT vs UM

    Way too much common sense in this post! GBO!
  18. Lurker

    UT vs UM

    Assuming the OP wasn't a troll (a difficult assumption by the way), it was without any analysis, any factual basis, and, in short, was ridiculously simplistic and not useful. This was one of Tennessee's best teams ever and the 21-22 Vols do not deserve the disrespect the OP provides, whether...
  19. Lurker

    It’s the same question as in football.

    Most do care about integrity. You are among a very loud and contentious minority who would sell out for a better NCAAT win record - even at the risk of vacating the w's like UMass, Memphis and other alleged "winning" programs. Without question, most Vol fans prefer a well run, clean...
  20. Lurker

    So, what do you think Arizona and Villanova think...

    Exactly. In any event, as JJJ pointed out in one of his interviews, the Vols need to take it one possession at a time, hopefully for 6 more games. Focus on the here and now and not the future. Look past no one. Go Vols!

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