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  1. volintears

    Looks like Vols might not have to worry about Pitt's Biletnikoff winner this season

    I feel its not much different than the NFL salary cap Tennessee is flush with great wide receivers Spend some money on the defensive side of the ball or some great linebackers or linemen. Let USC have him
  2. volintears

    Why do the gators have our number?

    Ding ding ding! Winner winner chicken dinner!!
  3. volintears

    Want to help Tennessee NIL (Spyre Sports)?

    What was their "big announcement today" ?
  4. volintears

    Renovations are underway…

    Looking like 95k max
  5. volintears

    Oklahoma Coaching Search

    As long as its not JH idgaf
  6. volintears

    Contract Extension for Coach Heupel?

    Sure that mistake hasn't been made before Do a bonus if needed but extension He** no Just make the rope to hang ya self shorter
  7. volintears

    Tennessee Ranked #25

    24 spots too short for our expectations
  8. volintears

    Heup Is Number One!!!

    Yes it is and it goes way beyond the head coach But its still unproven One year doesn't make one proven Its a nice base line but Butch looked good for a year or so How did that end up?
  9. volintears

    We Got Our Wish

    Heard that more than a few times
  10. volintears

    Heup Is Number One!!!

    So Oklahoma,,,a power 5 school is going hard and fast after a coach who won the games he was supposed to, and is third in the SEC east Lost big to the main rivals of the school and the recruiting so far is well below the level expected at a school like Tennessee He certainly did a nice job...
  11. volintears

    Yes, that was a facemask penalty...

    They still got the first down on 4th so non issue
  12. volintears

    How I feel after that win

    Bye bye Kensucky
  13. volintears

    How I feel after that win

    Great win Yes they got away with a facemask but Kentucky got the first down on the next play so its mute
  14. volintears

    With Hooker out this means......

    I hope you dont gamble
  15. volintears

    LB Beasley Under Investigation

    Wheres there's smoke theres fire Yet another black eye for UT football Send this guy down the road
  16. volintears

    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    I know nothing about him. Let's hope it works!
  17. volintears

    Only Per Hyams: Blake Baker offered DC

    Just retain KS please
  18. volintears

    Kentucky lost


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