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    2022 Depth Chart Speculation

    It seems to me Keyton is annually the guy that's going to have a good year, that finally lives up to his potential and finally figures "it" out. Yet he doesn't ever seem to quite get there. Hope this season is different for him
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    ‘23 AL ATH Rickey Gibson

    while I agree we need Matthews and Gibson, I’d say those stud pash rushers we have signed the past 2 years will make our CBs better. With no pass rushers, even strong CBs are in trouble.
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    Where to sit @ Pitt

    And what’s the hotel of choice for Vol fans in Pitt?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Who really cares whether Heupel or Pittman walked into a worse situation? They have both done great work with what thy inherited.
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    Most memorable VN recruiting thread

    Wasn't it a kid from Memphis? Just saw the above post--Marlon Brown.
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    ‘23 AL OT Stanton Ramil (Michigan St. commit)

    I really wanted to wear the orange and white and I would have given my all. But I wouldn’t want a bunch of guys like me on the team
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    ‘23 NC OLB Rico Walker (UNC commit)

    And Jimmy Chitwood's hometown.
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    Shamurad Umarov is ALL VOL

    You are quite welcome. Sorry the humor was lost on you.
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    Shamurad Umarov is ALL VOL

    I think the class is better than “solid”. CJH’s recruiting this tear is better than “solid”
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    Shamurad Umarov is ALL VOL

    'Cept Tiny is African American.
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    '24 TN ATH Boo Carter

    Sure he is. He tweeted that FM was going to Miami 15 minutes before FM went live. He wanted the attention clearly
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa (Miami commit)

    classless act to post the decision before FM went live.
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    ‘23 GA DL Tyree Weathersby (Tennessee commit)

    If Coach RG thinks he can play, then he can play. He knows far more than those who rate the players and those who live off the words of those who rate the players.
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    Big commit! Boom!

    Why do that when VN posters know more?
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa (Miami commit)

    gosh, I have no idea how in the world my comments led to your post. Had not a dang thing to do with Miami.

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