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  1. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Hendon Hooker Frequency of TDs and Ints

    Richardson at UF is garbage. That guy is bottom quarter of SEC QBs. It's hard to imagine he could get anywhere near 4000 yds passing.
  2. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Our Rival Fan Bases

    Shampooers, yeah those little bugs are hard to remove down there. :D
  3. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Well rounded?

    I'm pretty sure our best DB is about to be drafted in a couple of weeks after finishing up well at the combine...
  4. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    From Aidoo to Zeigler...

    So if Spyre gives a high school kid an $8M contract over 4 years what is keeping them from giving Chandler a $2M for 1 year?
  5. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Vols land 5-star QB Nico Iamaleava

    I've heard of Spyre but doesn't mean I give them $. I don't really know what you mean "it's all of us". They aren't piling up nickels, someone is donating big money somewhere.
  6. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Vols land 5-star QB Nico Iamaleava

    Anyone know where all this annual money is coming from? Seriously, it's not coming from me or any of you guys is it? If there is that much money to just hand over to kids then why didn't we buy out a couple of these coaching contracts way earlier and let our football program tank for the last...
  7. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Big Brother

    It took a Chris Lofton 3 at the buzzer to prevent us from losing to a 15 seed 8-10 years ago (forget the opponent). That St Peters team was really talented. They aren’t a top 20 team in the 64 team field but probably not a bottom 20 either.
  8. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    “Best Team in College Basketball”

    We could’ve easily scored 100-110 pts today. We completely shut it down 5 minutes into the 2nd half
  9. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Tennessee ranked 5th in AP poll, yet…..

    I love Dykes. He always speaks highly of our team and Coach Barnes. Seems like a terrific person too.
  10. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Apparently it doesn’t matter if the Vols win the SEC championship

    I’ve actually grown to like him because when they lay a turd he doesn’t sugar coat it and make excuses like some coaches (Penny) and also gives credit to the other team. Seems to really call it like it is
  11. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Will Wade fired by LSU

    I hope they get hammered for letting him stay as long as he did. It was an embarrassment to the whole league
  12. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    I Hate Vandy but…

    Coaches should get 2 challenges a game. That would fix it
  13. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Auburn Visit List

    Now why would you expect to see the visitor list?
  14. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Can we talk about how important JJJ is?

    He did and I loved the play where their PG (Johnson?) had the ball in the corner late in 2nd half and JJJ just reached out and took it from him. That was a big play.
  15. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Charge Call on Fulky....

    It was a horrible call and literally the ref must be blind. Worst call I've seen all year is a tossup between it and the call last week against Arky when the player had 2-3 steps out of bounds prior to throwing the ball off JJJ. At least in this game we got one back when the ball went off...
  16. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    JJJ Question

    On both of his shots he should’ve dunked it. He was literally under the basket and tried to lay both in. Barnes should demand he go for the dunk every time
  17. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Much Aidoo About Nothing

    He doesn't seem to hustle very much to me. In my mind he should be running all over the court based on the limited minutes he knows he's gonna get. He did get a few good rebounds.
  18. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Brilliant to have a 26% 3 point shooter fire it up with the game on the line…

    You just can’t argue with a wide open shot to potentially win the game. Even very good shooters miss that shot 50-60% of the time. I can’t believe we were even in position to have a shot at the win after we scored just 3 pts in the first 12 minutes of the 2nd half.
  19. 1Big_Orange_Fan

    Brilliant to have a 26% 3 point shooter fire it up with the game on the line…

    James was on fire in the 2nd half compared to everyone else on the team not named Ziegler

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