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  1. jwells

    When are we ever going to have quality depth?

    Counterpoint: we did pretty well considering the NCAA stuff looming and a first year coaching staff. You don't think the Pruitt issues poisoned a lot of wells? We then took 5 transfers, a couple of which will likely play soon. Not exactly a turd after not knowing if we could even take a full...
  2. jwells

    Derek Stribling busted as Dean of school

    Really, dude? Can't go a moment without political drama?
  3. jwells

    The Official #1 Tennessee @ #3 Vanderbilt Weekend Series Thread (Friday 7PM EST ESPN2) (Saturday 8PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Sunday 2PM EST SEC NETWORK+)

    They check the bats. My money is that they screwed up and then screwed us for their screw up
  4. jwells

    Tennessee Volunteers Baseball Merchandise Thread (Including Player NIL Products)

    I'm a large in dress shirts, L/XL in unisex T-Shirts. I had to go up to XL. Large was pretty form fitting.
  5. jwells

    Hey where are you fans to condemn...

    I'll bite: I don't give a **** what Georgia does. What's your point? That it's okay UT did it because other fanbases have giant morons, too? There's NOTHING hypocritical about calling out your own house when there's a problem. I'm not involved with the UGA program in any shape or form...
  6. jwells

    Tide Transfers

    "The fall 2011 cohort consisted of 2.8 million first-time students. Within their first six years, over one million of them continued their studies at a different institution, resulting in an overall transfer rate of 38.0 percent." Seems the rate of NCAA Football Players, even with NIL, is lower...
  7. jwells

    Something has changed…

    The problem is that this "loyalty" was more of a handcuff than inner pride. Because I get paid I can't be loyal and have pride in my work? The problem y'all have is that kids can't get coerced to schools with lies, treated like ****, and then be left with the option of living under *******...
  8. jwells

    Something has changed…

    Wait...NIL is the problem now that they're doing what they've always been doing legally? Might I remind you we're in NCAA trouble because we were paying players? You think these big time dudes in the 90s and 2000s were here....for free?
  9. jwells

    Moffitt is available

    The internet isn't a real place. These are simply mental gymnastics trying to blindly buy in to the Kelly hype.
  10. jwells

    Anybody believe that Arkansas States footbsll facilities are as good as Tennessees'.

    To some extent, sure. They just built the facility a couple years ago. From what I gather, however, it is multi-sport use. Anything new is gonna be nice and there's probably a floor and ceiling to what you can do with a locker room. Weights are weights. They built a facility with a football...
  11. jwells

    Heupel’s offense is not innovative

    THIS JUST IN! Football is a game of execution, not cute trick plays.
  12. jwells

    Teams Live and Die by Tempo (see vs FL or just ask Kiffin)

    I don't think I understand the point. Tempo means less rest for your D if you don't execute well, but gives several more scoring opportunities. We lost 3 drives on terrible execution from C and a WR drop. That's 21 points of opportunity wasted. We missed a FG, right? We also had 85 yards of...
  13. jwells

    JH can't evaluate QB talent?

    The person who practices best plays. Milton won the job. Multiple people have been quoted saying he looked good in practice. He has the most physical upside. BUT he didn't play well and once hurt lost out to the hot hand. Welcome to sports.
  14. jwells

    Florida: Not so fast my friend

    Could we win? Sure...but it will require taking advantage of every single offensive and defensive opportunity. We can't waste 4-5 scoring chances per score like we've done so far.
  15. jwells

    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    When you played you were doing it wrong. You can be physical and want to win without hate. That's BS faux masculinity perpetuated by coaches that for no reason felt it the right thing to do. Being the best at your position. Doing the best you can do. Working hard for your team. None of that...
  16. jwells

    The 2 calls on Jeremy Banks and Theo Jackson

    Enemy? It's a freaking game. They are your opponent. Playing physical doesn't mean seeking to injure. Enemy? LOL.
  17. jwells

    Pitt Was The Better Team?

    We played poorly in spots, yet stayed in the game. Pitt was deeper than us. We needed to take advantage early and missed out, but still hung around. Pitt made plays when they needed to to seal the game. We didn't.
  18. jwells

    Fourth down call - Could they have run a play call worse than that?

    I'll go to my grave against shotgun on 4th and 1.
  19. jwells

    Why are we trying to be the opposite of Alabama?

    Just because you do something a long time ago doesn't make it a tradition. Traditions are worth keeping. Refusing to adapt and change is stupidity.

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