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    The Grill and BBQ thread

    How did. They turn out?
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    Semi truck drivers

    I am lucky I guess. I only have to go from Statesboro to Savannah. About 60 miles.
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    Semi truck drivers

    Yes on the cement shortage. I drive a volumetric truck. It is like a mobile mixing plant. Pretty neat. Just got tires on the semi should got for cement on Tuesday.
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    Semi truck drivers

    Not in Tennessee but was born and raised there. I drive a Cementech concrete truck and also a 2001 freightliner pulling pneumatic trailer for cement. Statesboro,GA
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    What did you have for dinner II?

    Ribs and macaroni salad
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    What did you have for dinner II?

    Sloppy Joes and French fries
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    Girls of TN

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    KY Derby

    That was an awesome race
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    The WTF story of the Day

    That is some funny ****.
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    Make fun uga gifs

    I am the same. I live in savannah. As bad as I wanted someone other than Alabama to win, it was nice to see Georgia lose.
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    Lock out!

    Then they can quit and go some where else. I will try to understand your thinking. Lol. NOT. So you feel sorry for a person who makes a **** ton of money for nothing? And then bitch about the people who pay them? **** them. Get a job. I feel the same for all athletes. Enjoy what you get.
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    Lock out!

    Who gives a **** about a bunch of whining millionaires? Have them great a real job.
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    Opinions on living in Maryville?

    I did as well.
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    The Grill and BBQ thread

    What grill did you get?
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    Best Pizza place

    I always liked pizza palace. Great memories as a kid.
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    JG starting against BAMA

    what I don’t understand is if JG is our best chance then what do we have in the wind? If I was better than JG then why stay? Why not enter the portal?
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    Girly Thread

    Why did they stop with the pictures and the girls of?
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    I'm done with Josh Dobbs and this team

    It is easy to talk ****. I lived and grew up in Tennessee country. We have failed since Johnny majors. Butch is not it if he does not adjust game play
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    Butch Jones will have team 120 ready for Florida

    So you have nothing else to say other than being a smartass ?
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    Butch Jones will have team 120 ready for Florida

    We will get beat the **** down.

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