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  1. TAF

    What record would make you worry?

    I did it as a TRIBUTE to @Lawrence Wright if you can't keep up...take notes...
  2. TAF

    What record would make you worry?

  3. TAF

    What seats are aisle seats in Neyland?

    Plenty of "padding" in the butt...have we not met...?
  4. TAF

    What seats are aisle seats in Neyland?

    Aisle Seats in Neyland, as mentioned above, are ALL over the place. I purposely purchase on the aisle…as I’m a decent sized fella…and prefer it. My last visit to Neyland I purchased through UT Ticket Office and was assured they were aisle (Seats 1 and 2)….but when I got to it (West Side Middle...
  5. TAF

    2022 Fall Practice #2

    just 1% BETTER...EVERYBODY
  6. TAF

    2022 Fall Practice #1

    Watched Ray perform this at the Opry last October.
  7. TAF

    Football camping

    Plenty of room under the Henley Street Bridge...
  8. TAF

    I am SO pulling for this kid to have a GIANT year!

    Last year's first presser Today... one of the BEST stories in college football...I want SO MUCH for this kid!
  9. TAF

    So nothing is being done to address the fake injuries?

    NEW RULE: 3 members of the offense are allowed to walk by and kick the flopping defender in the nuts while they are on the ground. Problem solved.
  10. TAF

    Football Time in Tennessee

    Just a representation of the "Clown Country" we are ALL living in now... I'm READY for some Tennessee Football...How 'BOUT Them VOLS??!!
  11. TAF

    Best commit video I've ever heard

    Is 3rd grader now? Looks 9 years old
  12. TAF

    SIAP: Who picked Vandy to win the SEC in the media Poll?

    One of these two...?
  13. TAF

    Places to stay?

    You realize…those types of places are meant to be rented hourly…right??!’ *don’t ask me how I know.
  14. TAF

    Notice of Allegations received today Friday 7/22

    Maybe Casey was “used” in several ways… Fiery Red is a fav of some…
  15. TAF

    Places to Eat & Things to Do in Pittsburg

    On Friday…grab yourself a fish sandwich in the Northern suburbs…you WON’T be disappointed. Try the North Park Lounge oh…and…it’s Primanti Brothers
  16. TAF

    Places to stay?

    You have to pay EXTRA not to smell the urine that permeates Gainesville.
  17. TAF

    Places to stay?

    I worked there when I was in school...
  18. TAF

    Broken NIL Promises

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