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  1. D-rock

    Bank It!

    Ha. Like the tallest midget.
  2. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    🤣🤣🤣 reading comprehension may not be your strong suit. It might be difficult for you to see from atop your high moral ground. I know that money has been a part of it forever, I know what “bag men” are. I kkow that Jeremy Pruitt didn’t start the practice. That’s a nice straw man for you to pull...
  3. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    That’s your opinion. I stated mine. The difference is I won’t attack you for stating yours on a message board. Neither of us are “right” because it is how we see it. That’s the point.
  4. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    Been to those games "rumble on the river" I played NAIA football, and we played for the love of the game. The sport was pure. There was actual love for teammates and camaraderie that was sacred. The idea of sitting out a game (letting my teammates down), transferring out because I am not...
  5. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    just keep scrolling on troll. Don't feel the need to jump into the conversation if you don't like it. keep it moving.
  6. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    Me too. I love the Vols and will always pull for them. hopefully, we can all look back at this in time and it is the best thing for the game. I doubt it... but I am hoping.
  7. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    It would be hard not to take the money, right? If I was a young guy coming up it would be in consideration. Nothing wrong with that, that is the game right now.
  8. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    Bless your little heart, you are so triggered after reading a post on a forum. Maybe the solution is for you to keep scrolling you little snowflake.
  9. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    That is a fair point about not being able to get jobs. They should at least be able to get work if they want to. I don't know if it actually levels the playing field, maybe it does... I guess we will find out. You were making good points then you ended with a smartass remark that added...
  10. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    The portal has some good things to it. It needs some criteria. Quit trying to tell people what they need to worry about, this is a message board. It is changing the game and all of the effects of this are not yet known.
  11. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    I agree with some of that for sure. It has been happening under the table. The difference is who you are will depend if anyone investigates.
  12. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    It is a message board… No one said it was ending I do appreciate your attempt to say that wasn’t directed at me. An observation is not whining.
  13. D-rock

    Something has changed…

    The game doesn’t feel authentic to me anymore. I am becoming more of an NFL fan because of it. I used to like college football so much more than I do now. I used to feel the game was more passionate and the players play harder because they are trying to get to the league. I have always loved...
  14. D-rock

    For you pantywads worrying about NIL

    Exactly. That is why I am watching more NFL than ever. I would rather watch true professionals and a league with rules that try to foster parity.
  15. D-rock

    Media is making college football unwatchable

    simple solution is to live your life and record the game. I don't care about commercials, I fast forward through them. I love the Vols and like to watch live when I can. However, it burns a whole day.
  16. D-rock


    I’m pulling for Covid
  17. D-rock

    Do you root for other SEC teams?

    Born and raised in West TN. Lived in Memphis for 5 years (not as bad as everyone says, I loved it.) Lived in McNairy County, went to college in Jackson, lived in Cordova. Good times.
  18. D-rock

    Cade Mays out for the bowl game.

    EXACTLY. Dude is a beast when healthy. How well would your body would hold up going up against SEC D Lineman all year? I imagine things start to break down a little. Playing on the line O or D is violent. When he went to GA everyone was butthurt. He come here and people still throw shade...
  19. D-rock

    Harrison Bailey hinting at coming back perhaps?

    Not every kid that enters the portal gets a new team. If this continues, a strong narrative against the portal will develop unless you are a key contributor.
  20. D-rock

    More Boilermakers out

    Using that logic, our 98 national championship says hello. They were without a heisman QB in Chris Weinke. You were saying???

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