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  1. N.ohio vol

    The perfect day….

    Sounds like a perfect day to me brother. I don't golf but hell I'd give it a try lol
  2. N.ohio vol

    I guess 62 wasn’t enough to shut Mizzou mouth

    Won't end well for him. Gonna get loud.
  3. N.ohio vol

    Even Uncle Lou High on The Vols

    Came across one of his videos and he bashed Heupel and our program. That was enough for me. It was a pre 2021 season video. I know he's Georgia fan and that's expected but I got plenty of vol podcast to watch to pass my time..
  4. N.ohio vol

    Even Uncle Lou High on The Vols

    Did you say uncle lou?
  5. N.ohio vol

    Andy Staples Question in Broader Article

    I agree 100% I wish it would of worked out it just didn't.
  6. N.ohio vol

    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    The point I was trying to make was my view of his legacy won't really change unless he really knew what was going on with Pruitt. It appears he didn't but if he did what a dumb way to go down for what little money was really being thrown around.
  7. N.ohio vol

    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    I'm just hoping it never comes to that. I'd like to believe it won't. The quicker we get over this bump in the road the better. The point I was trying to make is my opinion of Fulmer won't change unless something comes out saying he did know..
  8. N.ohio vol

    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    I guess we'll see.. if Pruitt comes out and says Phillip knew what I was doing he okd it. That might change my mind a little. Lol
  9. N.ohio vol

    Per ESPN Pruitt looking fwd to tell his side of the story.

    I'm just hoping he doesn't have dirt on people still at UT. Not sure any are still there tho..
  10. N.ohio vol

    Another commit - NC WR Nathan Leacock

    Like Velus Jones said it's a dream to play wide receiver in this type of an offense. Glad to see Nathan joined the good guys!
  11. N.ohio vol

    Last seasons TN/KY game on SECNW tonight at 7:00 CT if anyone interested

    No doubt lol. I don't think Jordan Rodgers announced that game, But any game he does its hard to listen to.🤮
  12. N.ohio vol

    Austin Price

  13. N.ohio vol

    Cameron Seldon is committed to Tennessee

    Was hoping we were going to be able to close the deal on this one! Go Vols!
  14. N.ohio vol

    Jabari's Juke (and Touchdown)

    Thank you OneVolNation! Videos like this get us through the summer. Can't wait for the season!
  15. N.ohio vol

    Watch Live: V-O-L-S letters shine again over Neyland Stadium

    Can't wait to see them this year.

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