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  1. ksgovols

    Anonymous SEC Coaches Article

    I would seriously doubt that any of the anonymous coaching quotes are from head coaches. More likely an analyst.
  2. ksgovols

    Do you anticipate any trouble off the field this year?

    That's been my mantra since I graduated! "I want to go back, but with money!"
  3. ksgovols

    Do you anticipate any trouble off the field this year?

    I fully expect some college kids will act like college kids and require disciplinary actions.
  4. ksgovols

    Top 5 All Time Vol Coaches

    Let Fulmer teams play a 6 game SEC schedule that always included Vandy, Kentucky and Ole Miss in addition to Alabama and Auburn. Majors led teams have winning records against only Vandy, Kentucky and Ole Miss plus LSU. Almost every 8-3 or 9-2 season was followed immediately by a 6-5, 5-6 year...
  5. ksgovols

    The Feeling Phil Question

    I'd rather know which players were bought than to keep on beating the Phil horse. Maybe it's safe to say that all of the ones that transferred to other Power 5 programs were on the take, but it's probably not correct. Everybody else's name is not redacted. Why is theirs? They're...
  6. ksgovols

    Can Pruitt infractions open the crack into Saban?

    And what? Make it retroactive to when paying players wasn't the norm? I think that ship has sailed.....
  7. ksgovols

    3 permanent rivals

    You don't get to pick your favorite rivalry games and dismiss the other teams rivalries. Florida and Georgia have historical significance almost exactly the same as South Carolina who joined the conference in 1992. Georgia and Florida rotated off the schedule for years and years and years...
  8. ksgovols

    Andy Staples Question in Broader Article

    The entire comedy of errors prior to Plowman/Boyd/White/Heupel all being hired in the last 3 years was due to poor leadership at the top. We've had weak chancellors (Jimmy Cheek anyone), most presidents since Joe Johnson left in 1999 (Randy Boyd is the 7th president since) and a string of...
  9. ksgovols

    Steve from Lexington

    Are you kidding? Steve from Lexington should be familiar to anyone who listens to sports radio. He was a long time caller to the show Bob Bell and Bill King hosted on WLAC <and everything>. Bob would ask how the catfish were biting and they'd finally have to get him to hang up. Steve also...
  10. ksgovols

    Media Days - What will your reaction be?

    We talking about preseason? I'll give it the attention that it's due. Zilch
  11. ksgovols

    Peyton As Coach?

    Ted Williams has an awful record as a manager. Great players don't necessarily translate into great coaches. Peyton is in more of the ownership realm anyway.
  12. ksgovols

    Neyland Upgrades

    Not a fan of the biege/off white either. The more modern stadium designs these days usually try to harken back to the older stadiums. Is the Astrodome still around? lol. Manipulating the facade every so often while maintaining General Neyland's original ideas to the degree modern building...
  13. ksgovols

    Neyland Upgrades

    Structural engineers like exposed structures! :cool: Mercedes-Benz has exposed structure as do most. The cool thing about Neyland is the facade can change with the times.
  14. ksgovols

    Is Hendon Hooker a darkhorse Heisman contender?

    They still have this award? It's as much a popularity contest driven by regional and media biases than anything else. Paul Hornung got his with 5 wins but he got the Notre Dame bump. At least ESPN also overlooked Tom Brady in the 97 hypesman campaign. I don't attach any significance to this...
  15. ksgovols

    Bowl Game at Neyland

    Thank you cellchecker!
  16. ksgovols

    Bowl Game at Neyland

    Lower Broad was a dump in the 80's. When it was redeveloped and became a tourist destination again, the Music City Bowl came along in 1998 which was the same year the Predators played their first season. The Nashville Sports Council had a vision that they developed over a long period of time...
  17. ksgovols

    Tennessee tattoos

    If it's a women's sport, I'll buy an orange sharpie. Only football, men's basketball or baseball will get my leg under the needle again!
  18. ksgovols

    Tennessee tattoos

    lol! It has faded. UT Orange hard to get anyway. I tell everyone that I'll get it redone when we win another natty in any men's sport.
  19. ksgovols

    Tennessee tattoos

    Power T on the inside of my left ankle the day after the NC in January 1999.
  20. ksgovols

    The great Dale Ellis

    Dale Ellis was the man when I was in school. 6'-7" and smooth as silk, but he played down low almost his entire college career. Maybe the 3 point line would have changed his game. The guy from that era that would have really increased his production with the 3 point line was Michael Brooks...

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