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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    How many years does he have left?
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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    I think everybody had some tears in their eyes after yesterday's Championship win!! The drought is over and we gladly pass the "SEC Tourney drought curse (or monkey)" to the LSU Tigers who haven't won it since 1980!! There you go LSU, the torch is passed and enjoy the next few years as well in...
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    Anyone heard how much progress Tamba is making?

    Rick Barnes has said many times that Tamba is redshirting.
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    Who developed Huepel when he was at OKLAHOMA?

    Not totally sure but I believe Mike Leach was on that staff when Heupel played
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    '22 NC DE James Pearce (Tennessee signee)

    Pearce reminds me of Leonard Little.
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    '22 NC DE James Pearce (Tennessee signee)

    It's possible according to the VQ.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Well you also have a National Signing Day in February as well. So you can continue to recruit HS seniors and try and meet needs that way as well.
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    Where does a full class put us?

    Yes I would think that Tennessee would or will be 10-15 players better (in terms of roster numbers) for 2022. It is still going to take some time and more recruiting but it should be better than this past season for sure.
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    Where does a full class put us?

    that is correct but you still have to be at 85 going into fall camp or fall semester.
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    Today the first day of National Signing Day

    Uros has at least 1 year left maybe 2 because of the extra covid year. Bailey has the extra covid year left I believe.
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    Today the first day of National Signing Day

    Is BJ Edwards going to sign today? anyone else?
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    Is Brandon Huntley Hatfield one and done?

    Just wondering because I believe he re-classified so don't know if that would mean he has to stay 2 years or if he can go ahead and declare after this season?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    If I were Tennessee I would definitely look towards that transfer portal not only to bring in some starters but to fill up my preferred walk-on slots. Alot of those portal players either have to transfer down or some of them don't get schollies at all. I would attempt to use the portal in that way.
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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson (Alabama commit)

    You know this is an interesting take and it could be true. Now according to VQ mods there hasn't been any dialogue between Ty and the staff at all. Maybe his Dad has talked to the staff. I know this would be a crazy deal but let him come in as a preferred walk-on. I know they would take him that...
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    Trinity Bell

    I have seen it mentioned somewhere (don't know where) that he will be moved to the Defensive Line if he hasn't moved already. I suppose spring practice might answer that question.
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    '18 GA RB Lyn-J Dixon

    No he can transfer anywhere once and not have to take a year off. Now if he is transferring for the 2nd time he would have to take a year off. But the new transfer rule was put in place last year and kids don't have to sit out a year anymore.
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    '18 LA CB Brandon Davis (Tennessee signee)

    Thats right. He did redshirt most likely has 2 years of eligibility remaining. The coaches apparently are giving him another chance.
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    '19 NJ ILB Juwan Mitchell (Texas Transfer) [Tennessee commit]

    Does Marley project as a LB or DB or is he a hybrid? Just wondering where the board sees him fitting in. And also what about Trinity Bell, DL, OL, TE?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Well Alabama and Henrietta may face intra conference transfer hurdles. Sankey is proposing either sit a year or lose 2 scholarships to be able to play right away. If that were to get passed Alabama and Henrietta will have a choice to make. Then again maybe it becomes the wild wild west and no...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    I could certainly see all of that happening for UGA. But the intra conference transfer rule is still up in the air. I am glad that so far the Vols haven't been affected that way because the only intra conference transfer we have taken is Ja. Payton and he is a grad transfer (so he is...

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