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  1. JT3

    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

  2. JT3

    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

    When did he hit the portal? Was it after 2/1?
  3. JT3

    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

    Good luck to the kid.
  4. JT3

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Did Arch play a full schedule? Does his HS team run the wishbone? How is his stats that low?
  5. JT3

    ‘23 AL RB Jeremiah Cobb

    CB to Auburn by Auburn beat writer
  6. JT3

    ‘23 CA QB Jaden Rashada (Miami commit)

    If the deal is truly a marketing deal it's nothing the NCAA can do. Their attempt to bar "boosters" is moreso around "pay to play" like the under the table payments thats been going on for decades. At least that's how I interpret it.
  7. JT3

    ‘23 MO EDGE Chandavian Bradley

    To South Carolina?????????????????
  8. JT3

    ‘23 GA LB Jeremiah Telander (Tennessee commit)

  9. JT3

    ‘23 GA LB Tyree Weathersby

    I guess the JUCO recruits we chasing are 3 technique guys. I believe we are in the running for 2 of them. Idk about any HS guys tho.
  10. JT3

    ‘23 GA LB Tyree Weathersby

    I would imagine SDE. Looks like we has the frame to maybe grow in a DT. Speaking of defensive tackle, who the hell are we recruiting there?
  11. JT3

    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    That's true. Tae was always the better tackler but Bryce had better cover skills. That's a testament to Tae.
  12. JT3

    Running list of Tennessee targets planned commitment dates

    Telander committing TODAY at 4pm.
  13. JT3

    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    Tae being there had to he huge. He is the perfect example of talent, hard work, and persistence.
  14. JT3

    ‘23 MS S John Slaughter (Tennessee commit)

  15. JT3

    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    I tried to delete my post as someone else had already commented. All good.
  16. JT3

    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

  17. JT3

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Well he did say the list is only partial tied to on field performance so I guess that make sense. Btw, both of those events happened within the past 12 months. Without this happening his whole argument blows up.
  18. JT3

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    USC too
  19. JT3

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Going home! Awesome.

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