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    College Football's 13 Worst Coaching Hires of the Past Decade

    Just looking at the record Butch was the best of the three, so I agree with your list. The caveat I have is that Kiffin might have done better, and also Kiffin was better in his first year, which is the only fair basis of comparison. Having said that, they are both POS, so....
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    College Football's 13 Worst Coaching Hires of the Past Decade

    He might, but Dooley should be well ahead of Butch on that list. Dooley is the worst hire in our history and one of the worst in college FB.
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    I guess Saban allowed Emmert to retire

    There is no question Emmert was Saban's bag boy. Good riddance, don't let the door hit you on the way out! Our 2023 recruiting class is starting to look really good (fingers crossed, I know its way early). Hoping that bammer is no longer no. 1 in recruiting EVERY SINGLE ****ING YEAR. Will be...
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    Vols in the 2023 NFL Draft

    Great. Now I have to think about how big a reload 2023 season will be. I'm happy concentrating on this draft, and this season. thankyewverymuch
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    Sometimes, Tuscaloosa jokes jut write themselves

    what poor grammer? Grammer is fine. Typos happen. Let's not let this nitpicking take away from a great opportunity to mock Tuscaloosa.
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    Spring Practice #13

    Our D started out in the top third nationally, believe it or not, in points allowed, though of course that was padded by the OOC foes. Went very downhill at the end of the season. Ended up 90th of 130. That is definitely bad, and it means we had a really bad last few games to skew it down...
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    2022 = year of the vols

    Love your optimism, will believe it when I see it
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    Wonder If Josh Dobbs will pack it in?

    He always said he wanted to start his own company. His folks are set up well enough to loan him the money to do it. I don't know anything about SandPiper Air. Has he worked with them before?
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    Wonder If Josh Dobbs will pack it in?

    he has always said he wants to start his own aircraft company. I think he will still go that route. Still it has been quite a while since college so at this point he may well go into coaching or even consider a broadcast career. My money is on Aerospace until he says otherwise though.
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    Does he smoke one in Knoxville?

    Class, or actually self respect. Let's see. I could never beat this team, so I will join their staff and celebrate beating my old team. Only a complete LOSER would stoop to that. I would be ashamed to celebrate my old rival doing something I could never do. Unreal. He has zero respect for...
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    Butch Jones stealing ideas from CJH?

    I'm just looking forward to the day he gets fired from Ark State and takes an analyst job at Coastal Carolina. True comment...he compared his time at bama to halftime of a game. Well no wonder he went 2-10 at Ark State, everyone with an ounce of football knowledge knows he can't adjust a game...
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    Saban Hires Dooley as Offensive Analyst

    Dooley and Jones worked for Saban as analysts, which means that's the best they could do for a while. Pruitt can't even get an analyst job. That's 11 years of Vol football summed up in two sentences. And WTF...Kiffin was the OC. He's the only one that has been (somewhat) successful as HC...
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    Pruitt & Dooley back looking for a job probably

    Good. I'd rather he be unemployed. Maybe sitting outside the SEC summer presser with a sign saying "will work for biscuits" :)
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    Pruitt & Dooley back looking for a job probably

    Not as an analyst Remember that Saban hired Sarkasian after his drunken debacle at So Cal
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    Pruitt & Dooley back looking for a job probably

    Saban might make him an analyst
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    2000 vs gators

    worst part of the game was Randy Sanders trying a toss sweep on our last drive....after the same ****ing play failed the previous year Almost like he was insisting it was the right call in 1999 I'll never forget his quote after that game (defending his dumbass call). "I might not know much...
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    Brian Maurer - Latest Tweet

    Man I didn't know he was that tatted out.
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    Dont be surprised if Hooker enters portal ?

    This post is ridiculous and a waste of everyone's time. You must just not have anything better to do. Try Porn Hub, might keep you busy 30 seconds or so.
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    SO Who You Pulling For ; bama ---uga? Why?

    I'd root for Iran against bammer. It's not even close. Doesn't mean I like uga either though.

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