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  1. dyllisvol42

    Anybody going to the watch party?

    You have to have tickets for watch party?
  2. dyllisvol42

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Nico was out on Watts Bar today.
  3. dyllisvol42

    Morgan Wallen trolling Kiffin 😂

    That guy used to ask my sister out all the time. I’m not that kind of country music fan but that “me on whiskey” song ain’t bad.
  4. dyllisvol42

    Auburn coach out?

    Swinging is very prevalent today. Knoxville is full of swingers.
  5. dyllisvol42

    Why is it the basketball and baseball program way ahead of football ?

    One recruiting class can turn around a basketball and baseball program, not the case for football.
  6. dyllisvol42

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Ole Miss

    UT-48 Ole Miss-40 Total yards-925
  7. dyllisvol42

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    Tennessee 38 Missouri 24 Warren 47
  8. dyllisvol42

    The Official Tennessee vs. Tennessee Tech Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN+ (SEC Network+)

    I’m sure that it’s already been answered but I have Direct Tv. Is that game on the SEC alternate channel?
  9. dyllisvol42

    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    Nolan looked pretty good from what I can tell. Number 52 for AC did pretty good on him. Even saw him put him on his butt a time or two. Just hard to match up with someone that’s that good all night.
  10. dyllisvol42

    '22 FL SDE Venson Sneed (Indiana commit)

    I read a report that was in Men’s Fitness not that long ago that they had a study that debunked a lot of the myth. The doctors involved said that by the age of twelve kids are fine to start lifting weights. That bone growth wasn’t the issue it was more about hand eye coordination and form that...
  11. dyllisvol42

    First Tennessee football game you attended

    97 vs Vandy Manning’s last home game.
  12. dyllisvol42

    Weinke and Chaney out officially

    I think Jay Graham was on his way out of town before Couch H was hired .
  13. dyllisvol42

    Heupel to be announced per 247

    He has to get a couple of recruiters on his staff. Don’t really like the hire but I will support it just like I have all the others. What we have to realize is he was the only one that said yes to this job.
  14. dyllisvol42

    Someone to be announced tomorrow? (rumors)

    Your the only one that feels that way.
  15. dyllisvol42

    ESPN Chris Low Says Tony Elliot & Sonny Dykes Are Names To Watch For

    If so give me Elliot, we don’t know if he is a good head coach or not. Sonny Dykes proof is in the pudding.
  16. dyllisvol42

    James Franklin (Penn St)

    I don’t care if he hates old people and dogs(TinCup reference) if he can turn it around here and win us the SEC East in three years bring him on. Dude can coach.
  17. dyllisvol42

    Tony Elliott Appears To Be a Target

    Holy crap some of our fan base is just stupid. With the possible trouble we are going to be in going out and getting a Stoops is out of the question. The best stupid thing I have heard is offering Dabo 20 million. Matt Campbell isn t leaving Iowa State. Kiffin won’t happen either will Hugh...
  18. dyllisvol42

    '21 JUCO WR Andison Coby (Indiana commit)

    Good pick up. Since we are about to get hit with scholarship reductions anyway we really need to full 25 in this class.

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