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    Who wants to take a shot at the offense depth chart?

    I agree. The grad transfer market is the way to go. Provides immediate help. One more thing, glad players that aren't up to the challenge and aren't committed to our university are leaving. Good riddance.
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    Big men where are you?

    Alabama. I'm from the western part of Tennessee near Jackson
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    Any JJ McCleskey updates?

    Any news on JJ being hired on? Yall think it might happen? I hear he would be vital to instate recruiting. Dont know about his coaching ability.
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    Big men where are you?

    Are we ever going to get another Alexander or grant? No easy buckets or rim protectors means no deep tourney runs. You can have all the backcourt you want but teams can drive to hole and limit you to 3 point shots. Doesnt matter how quick you are if you cant defend or attack the post. I hear...
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    Basilio brought me back

    Tony Basilio show. I listen on his Twitter via the periscope feed. You just click on it. Hes awesome. Only show that does hours of postgame after every game.
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    Basilio brought me back

    Sinclair is awesome. Very knowledgeable and unafraid.
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    Best bigs available Knoxville

    We recruiting any big post players locally or in Tennessee? Basketball team could make a deep run next year by adding a rim protector and guys that could get some easy buckets down low.
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    Basilio brought me back

    I first discovered Basilio during the Schiano fiasco. Glad I did. He keeps it real and never bashes the fans. He gives coaches a chance but admits when they should go, unlike state run media. Wondering what everyone else thought of him? I have not listened to any other outlets, and I give him...
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    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    Agreed. I dont think there is a homerun DC hire out there. It's going to take years of everyone pulling in the same direction, good recruiting, good eye for talent, and a little luck. By luck, I mean finding a great great qb and a couple of great pass rushers. Once we get it rolling we will be...
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    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    I agree. They better hope this guy is at the very least above average. Because Steele is a great coach and a great recruiter.
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    DC hire getting out of hand.

    I completely agree. It's a bad look. What's the hold up? Wouldn't Rogers have made his decision by now? If so, Conklin should have been hired already. Or, is there a better candidate out there that we haven't thought of?
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    Tennessee Video

    Incredible video. I got chills. Go Vols!!!
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    What would a Conklin defense look like?

    I did. Got me excited and feeling positive for a change. Go Vols!
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    '17 AU WDE Big Kat Bryant (UCF)

    With Garner's hiring, is Kat coming to the hill? And, is Kat a game changer?
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    What would a Conklin defense look like?

    Curious as to what his defense would look like. Really dont know much about him. Great coach? Recruiter? Or both. Does he really move the needle?
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    High Expectations

    I see so many people on here that sell this program short. Yes we have been terrible since 2002, but if you dont see yourself as a top program, you will never get the type of coach you deserve. This is a top tier program historically. I just dont buy the debbie downer talk from many that we...
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    Isnt it time

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    Isnt it time

    Why should he stay?
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    Isnt it time

    Once again, politics has nothing to do with this.
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    Isnt it time

    What does politics have to do with this?

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