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  1. rickyyrs

    Is Tony Vitello becoming the most popular coach in UT history?

    If he is not right now, he will be. There was probaly 40 people in the stands when coach V. first get here. Now it's hard to even get in the stadium for a game.
  2. rickyyrs

    3 seed is indefensible…shame on selection committee!!

    Vols beat Kentucky 2 out of 3 times. Kentucky a 2 seed. Tennessee a 3 seed. Tennessee SOS is better i believe.
  3. rickyyrs

    Texas coach news conference

    I just do not like Barens offense. With 7 minutes gone in second half against Texas Tennessee has scored a grand total of 2 points
  4. rickyyrs

    Kentucky post game thoughts.

    Instead of calling out Fulky, the coach needs to take the blame.
  5. rickyyrs

    O crap its no longer Mark Richt

    Well at least Fulmer made a good hire in Kellie. And i think he hire Tony Vitello also. Football not so much.
  6. rickyyrs

    The Vols next transfer will be a ____________.

    Vols need D-line help. Got to pressure the other teams QB
  7. rickyyrs

    Banks on ND DC list

    As many players as Tennessee lost to transfer, NFL, or whatever. Banks did a good job with the talent he was given. Give him time to recruit some players.
  8. rickyyrs

    Fake Injuries: Solution

    If they fake a injury then they should sit out rest of that drive.
  9. rickyyrs

    Alontae Taylor opting out of the bowl

    If the kid didn't want to play that's his decision. We are dealing with college kids. Not NFL players. I am pretty sure you have called into work before and didn't show up.
  10. rickyyrs

    A shout-out to Kellie Harper

    Locker Room Scenes after Tennessee's Road Win Over Virgina Tech This is Kelly after Lady Vols win.
  11. rickyyrs

    Playoff Picks!

    Georgia will fold like a cheap suit. Like they do in big games.
  12. rickyyrs

    Playoff Picks!

    #1Alabama over #4Cincinnati. #2Michigan over #3Georgia. Then Alabama over Michigan for the Championship.
  13. rickyyrs

    UT administration after Kiffan bolted...

    Why can't we let this kiffin crap go. He has been gone for like 10 or 11 years now. Who cares about that idiot.
  14. rickyyrs

    Tennessee shockwaves through CB

    Well Kiffin will jump ship and go to LSU if he gets offered the job. Corral is leaving so he will be without his QB at Ole Miss. One team in the west is on the up ward is Arkansas. Pittman has changed the culture there.
  15. rickyyrs

    Does this pic of Kelly remind anyone of Pat?

    I am glad she is the Lady Vols coach.
  16. rickyyrs

    Brent Cimaglia

    So what leave the kid alone.
  17. rickyyrs

    Who could we hire if we were looking for coach now?

    It's easy to see why other fans make fun of Tennessee fans. We have a coach and for once we do not have to go looking for one.
  18. rickyyrs

    Let's talk about strength & conditioning

    They have done ok. Thats not the problem. Tennessee just do not have enough backups. Too many jumped ship after Pruitt got fired. We should win two more games this year. If you told me at first of the year this team would win 6 or 7 games, i dont think anyone would of believed it. We lost too...
  19. rickyyrs

    Face it, we suck at picking head coaches

    Give CJH a couple more years to get more players in here. I really think Tennessee has found their coach now.
  20. rickyyrs

    Should Tim Banks be replaced at end of season?

    No he should not be let go. I think the guy has done a great job. With injuries and people that left the program. What he has to work with, he has done a great job. If you told me at start of the season this team has a chance to win 7 games i would of thought you were crazy. This coaching staff...

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