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  1. SockeyeVol

    '22 AUS Punter Jackson Ross (committed)

    I went to Melbourne to watch some AFL in 2014. it was terrific. Imagine if you invented a game with NBA small forwards up front, a mix of linebackers and soccer midfielders in the middle, and some kind of different beast altogether on the back line. That felt like what I was watching. And the...
  2. SockeyeVol

    What is having the biggest effect on ’23 recruiting?

    Probably about the same as for when most people are considering jobs. In descending order of importance: 1) Financials (e.g., NIL) 2) Potential for upward mobility (Instruction, exposure, program quality, NFL chances) 3) Mentorship (the coaching staff's ability to deliver on the above; also...
  3. SockeyeVol

    If UT had to give up a tradition, which one?

    The headline is misleading. They're not suspending the "tradition", they are just not doing it this year because they can't get access to enough helium for the balloons. Seriously. Doesn't make for as catchy a headline though
  4. SockeyeVol

    Vols set to open the 2023 season against a new opponent

    I get your point (and don't like religious slurs either), but....speaking of intolerant. Wow. "The one thing I can't stand is an intolerant person!"
  5. SockeyeVol

    Something I have never seen before Rolls Royce big orange version

    So much win in this thread.... How come they can't all be like this?
  6. SockeyeVol

    Spencer Rattler discussion (merged)

    To be fair, the only thing he has seen of the SEC is South Carolina. So of course it looks easier than the Big 12....
  7. SockeyeVol

    Josh Heupel's 2001 NFL scouting combine numbers

    Only people who think athleticism in a QB is desirable. Apparently that includes NFL scouts.
  8. SockeyeVol

    Josh Heupel's 2001 NFL scouting combine numbers

    That vertical would have put him first among QBs this year. QB measurements, 40-yard dash times, drill results at the 2022 NFL Combine
  9. SockeyeVol

    SEC Shorts

    Except for Penn State. No other fan base has rioted to protect the head of a program amid such horrible revelations.
  10. SockeyeVol

    Does anyone else listen to "Locked on Vols?"

    I used to listen to it almost daily, until about a year ago. Can't recall who the host was. Was it Ward? Really enjoyable. Just listened to it again. Really painful. Almost as many ads as content, and so many of the ads are these 60-second + talking ads by the host. Just awful. And...
  11. SockeyeVol

    '22 GA RB Justin Williams (Tennessee signee)

    Don't you mean a "law firm - cookware" store? They are popping up all over in California. Slogan: "We'll send you home with a pot to piss in. Maybe."
  12. SockeyeVol

    Anything to this? (Crouch in Knoxville)

    Is that the episode of The Office when they had the fire drill? Possibly my favorite 60 seconds of TV ever.
  13. SockeyeVol

    Anything to this? (Crouch in Knoxville)

    I was at the luggage carousel. Crouch took a bad angle and picked up the wrong bag. They had to slow the belt down for him eventually. Banks got his bag alright, but kept dropping it. Crouch eventually recovered it. Hence the picture.
  14. SockeyeVol

    '22 Ulysses Bentley IV (SMU RB transfer)

    Hopefully that ankle injury won't be his Achilles heel though.
  15. SockeyeVol

    Look at 2022 Roster

    Bump, because this is a thread worth finding more easily;)
  16. SockeyeVol

    '19 TN CB Wesley Walker (transfer commit to UT)

    Past two seasons: Walker: 92 tackles /2.0 TFL /6 PD/ 0 INT / 0 S / 2 FF Flowers: 144 tackles/ 3.5 TFL / 6 PD/ 2 INT/ 1 S / 1 FF McCollough: 92 tackles / 6 TFL / 7 PD / 1 INT / 1 S / 1 FF So basically, Flower and McCollough have both had superior production, against better competition. Doesn't...
  17. SockeyeVol

    VFL Velus

    It appears to translate on the football field too. The guy was just fantastic this year.
  18. SockeyeVol

    March 26th Visitors List (not to be confused with March 5 Junior Day)

    Then why bother in the first place? There are tons of established posters on here who DO do it right - with links and formatting, and so forth. If you don't have the interest to put in the effort, don't jump the gun on someone who does.
  19. SockeyeVol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    This aged well '19 CA QB JT Daniels (Georgia commit)
  20. SockeyeVol

    Jamal Lewis Game Worn Browns Jersey…..

    I have a question. How come people never collect the pants?

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