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  1. Backwards K

    Sensible JG Observations

    Well, at least he never quit on his team like Tyler Bray did vs Kentucky!
  2. Backwards K

    Pitcher levels runner.

    The catcher is a UT signee
  3. Backwards K

    The Greatest Rewatchable Tennessee Football Game Of All Time

    1. 1986 Sugar Bowl 2. 1985 Auburn 3. 1990 Florida (45-3) 4. 1971 Penn State 5. 1995 Alabama 6. 1998 Florida 7. Citrus Bowl win over Michigan 8. 1982 Alabama 9. 1983 Alabama 10. 1991 Notre Dame
  4. Backwards K

    Why don’t we press more?

    The font is not nearly blue enough for that statement!!
  5. Backwards K

    SEC Tournament Seeding

    If it's Auburn +3 or 4. Load up on the Tigers. Auburn is a nightmare match up for this Vols team. Tigers will win by at least 2 TDs.
  6. Backwards K

    Justin Powell

    That's the last thing Powell needs to do. More likely than not, when he dribbles the ball, it leads to a turnover.
  7. Backwards K

    Mark Richt discusses Tennessee feeling like they got it going on under Josh Heupel

    Seriously? Dooley is one of the most disliked persons to ever grace the halls of the UT Athletic Department. Apparently, a first class jerk to everyone he came in contact with.
  8. Backwards K

    Mark Richt discusses Tennessee feeling like they got it going on under Josh Heupel

    Richt has always been a class act. Sadly, Parkinson's has slowed him down considerably over the past few years.
  9. Backwards K

    The "0-9 Rule"

    The biggest problem with the program still today is that UT hired a weak, mealy mouthed bean counter (Mike Hamilton) as the Athletic Director and he listened to the lowest common denominator of the fan base in making his decisions regarding firing and hiring coaches. The program has never...
  10. Backwards K

    Chase McGrath returning - Definitely good news!

    Glad he is coming back. But, he cannot hit anything over 50 yds and I"m not sure why they even attempted that on in the MCB. I remember about 3 attempts from over 50 and everyone of them was slightly offline and 5-10 yds short.
  11. Backwards K

    Kirby = Fulmer

    Georgia just finally recruited well enough to overcome Kirby's coaching.
  12. Backwards K

    Bailey & James' career shooting numbers

    It's actually pretty simple. Both of these young men are right handed.
  13. Backwards K

    The Official #18 Tennessee vs. Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    The more I watch James and Bailey shoot, I'm not sure they are not really right handed.
  14. Backwards K

    this team is just hard

    This team couldn't score on UT's football teams' secondary. No excuse for a bunch of college basketball players to shoot worse than a girls middle school team (with apologies to girls middle school teams everywhere)
  15. Backwards K

    23 yrs ago tonight

    You are casting pearls before swine. Anyone who believes "it is all on Fulmer" is too ignorant to have a reasonable conversation about football, especially Tennessee Football
  16. Backwards K

    Banks on ND DC list

    I think most people in the business of coaching football realize what a great job Banks did with the hand he was dealt. The Purdue coaches talked about how they were glad they had 4 weeks to prepare for all of the looks the Tennessee defense would give them. If you don't have plus talent in...
  17. Backwards K

    Which was worse?

    Al Matthews was known as Allma Matthews when he was a wide receiver at Vanderbilt.
  18. Backwards K

    Tim Banks needs to go

    To Tim Banks credit, Brohm said it was a good thing they had 4 weeks to prepare for this game because UT is good at disguising looks and blitzes. All year long, Banks has used smoke and mirrors to hide a world of deficiencies in talent. The month Purdue had to prepare was beneficial to them.
  19. Backwards K

    Georgia could lose almost the whole D

    They have 20 more just like them on the roster now. UGA's 2nd team defense was better than UT's defense this year. UGA won't miss a beat. UGA continues to recruit well enough to overcome Kirby Smart's coaching......and his haircut.

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