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  1. Capt Straight

    Why are baseball sportsmanship rules so different than other sports?

    I deserved to be tossed also after that umpire went postal on Gilbert and Anderson!:mad:
  2. Capt Straight

    Two off the head observations from regionals…

    Yeah, just ask the Uyghurs
  3. Capt Straight

    New Lindsey Nelson Stadium | Baseball Premium Seating Opportunities

    It's one thing to give a deposit, but I cannot find where the total cost will be. Are we making a deposit on an Pig in a Poke?
  4. Capt Straight

    All Beck related discussions from last night (merged)

    Personally I think what he did and does is great! It gives us a more interesting and exciting game. Had he not done either, finger of bat flip, we would not be having this discussion. It's not like he pulled out a firearm and shot a bunch of people. Let it's now part of the game.
  5. Capt Straight

    Charlie Taylor Appreciation

    For him to make his first start in Championship Games and play like he did is a real testament to to this young man!
  6. Capt Straight

    ESPN hates UT - Hendon Hooker edition

    ESPN-Two words..............BS
  7. Capt Straight

    Josh Heupel post scrimmage video/transcript

    It's great to be a Tennessee Vol right now with the success of the baseball team! But I cannot wait until this fall for football!
  8. Capt Straight

    Johnny Reb looks like someone just walked on their grave

    He certainly makes it interesting!
  9. Capt Straight

    Karo and her dad

    That's cool. Thanks for posting!
  10. Capt Straight

    Auburn lost

    Watched online while on hunting trip in Argentina. F’N awesome
  11. Capt Straight

    Auburn lost

    Wooo Hooo! Love my Vols!
  12. Capt Straight

    BTO’s South Carolina Postgame Report

    Barnes is one hell of a coach for making second half adjustments! And, am I the only one who thought the SC, Jr coach looks like a serial killer?
  13. Capt Straight

    The Call no one talked about

    Yes, it did affect it.
  14. Capt Straight

    the whole squad. this was on lady facebook group page.

    This is painful to try to read and figure out what you were trying to say.
  15. Capt Straight

    Edie Darby commits to Tennessee

    There seems to be a plethora of negaVols on this thread. It really makes it difficult to read.
  16. Capt Straight


    Ride baby incline in Pittsburg, and then go ride real one on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga
  17. Capt Straight

    Kellie and BOTO Club

    Kelie is from East Tennessee, Sparta
  18. Capt Straight

    Justine is a Burger Girl!

    Like we said earlier, with Kellie's teams winning and Tennessee Women's Basketball Legacy, the recruits will be begging to play for Tennessee
  19. Capt Straight

    Keyen Green

    I have 100% faith this team will not skip a beat even though everyone will miss Green. They will find a way to work though it just like they have so far. They are a special group of warriors!

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