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    ‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate (Ohio State commit)

    Well this was posted on tweeter so Carnell is all ours now!! 😂
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    College Baseball - Transfer Portal Tracker

    Source? Jk but where did you see this?
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    This is the major thing. Kirby really saved us especially if we (god forbid) don’t win tomorrow night and have another game
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    Vols should pursue against ESPN....

    From what I’ve seen they are the better and bigger people and are going to leave it alone. But they’re better than me and if it was my kid I can’t lie and say I wouldn’t be pretty ugly about it
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    Evan Russell not available tonight (Friday) now AVAILABLE

    @preacherman20 any idea what’s wrong with Russ? Really hope the rumors about being out a long time aren’t true. Would be a rough way to end an amazing stint here
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    Pick'em - Alabama State - Friday - Regional Game 1

    I hope I’m wrong... Under Under Double
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    College Baseball - Transfer Portal Tracker

    If anyone can make it happen its Tony V!
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    College Baseball - Transfer Portal Tracker

    I know it likely isn't going to happen but good lord could you imagine a lineup where you have stephenson and Ahuna betting 1-2 in front of Lipscomb, Tommy Tanks, and Ortega? And a dominant pitching staff? We might have an even better record than this year in that scenario EDIT: Also, Blake Burke?!
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    Pick’em - Alabama A&M 5/3

    No cover double
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    '21 MD LB Aaron Willis (Tennessee signee - In the portal)

    That was my thought as well. Hopefully we can get Crouch back
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    Pick'em - Florida 4/22-4/24

    under double
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    Pick'em - Bellarmine 4/19

    no cover, double
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    New basevol commit. 2023 LHP Dane Bjorne, #7 ranked player in MO

    Had to think really hard about who the second team was 😂 slightly disappointed in myself
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    Where was the Fur Coat/Hat for the HR?

    Agreed, thanks for giving me the right number! I follow an account on Twitter called umpire auditor I think, and they try to crucify MLB umps for missing 10 calls in a night. Obviously the SEC isn’t the MLB but 27 should never be acceptable.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs #24 Alabama Weekend Series Thread (Friday 6:30PM EST SEC NET+) (Saturday 6PM EST SEC NET+) (Sunday 1PM EST SEC NET+)

    It’s a possibility.. and maybe I missed something but from what I’ve seen he was sore after throwing this week and until he can throw with no soreness these coaches aren’t going to put them out there out of an abundance of caution
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    New basevol commit. 2023 LHP Dane Bjorne, #7 ranked player in MO

    Some guy named Tony V I imagine!! GO VOLS
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    Where was the Fur Coat/Hat for the HR?

    Supposedly had “57 missed ball/strike callls” during his Friday stint behind the plate. Classic case of failed MLB/Minor League umpire getting a college job as having a power trip.

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