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    Florida cuts Scholarship Players

    Florida being one of those schools.
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    I was wrong about Dan Mullen...

    That's why I think we will see very early on how good of a coach Napier is. There is no other explanation for losing to Mizz and SC and playing terrible in the win against Samford other than the players quit. There is enough talent that if he gets buy-in from the players they can be decent...
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    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

    Completely untrue. Fulmer knew he would be a WR and told him that. UK promised him a shot at QB and after one practice, moved him to WR. Fulmer was just a little too honest (is there such a thing) and lost him because of it. Not misevaluated at all.
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    Most Improved?

    I'm not confused about it at all. I just think Bru McCoy is going to be huge in this offense. Hyatt, calloway and Holiday will be improved, but not have the overall impact that Bru does.
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    Most Improved?

    Can't really put him on the most improved list since he wasn't here last year but Bru McCoy will have a much bigger impact than some of those you listed.
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    Big commit! Boom!

    We will sign some players in the top 250-300. But even GA and AL don't sign an entire class of top 250 players. And its not realistic to expect us to recruite as well as those guys right now. Our key to returning to the top of the SEC will be to hit it out of the park on our evaluations. Remains...
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    Arch Manning open letter…

    I said the same competition, not the same players. LOL well played
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    Jonathan Echols.
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    '24 TN ATH Boo Carter

    "Buck" Fitzgerald. former Vol DB and founder (I think) of NPA.
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    ‘23 MO EDGE Chandavian Bradley

    Is he announcing a top 3, or a committment?
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    Briefly, you are correct. But not in his own power.
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    I think his AM reference is to Arch Manning, not Texas A&M
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    Only one person walked on water and his name was not Manning. We didn't beat Florida during Peyton's four years because the defense couldn't stop Spurrier's offense. Had very little to do with Peyton.
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    ‘23 FL WR Aidan Mizell

    Every kid that is any good has choices. Even average three stars have choices.
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    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning (Texas commit)

    Nobody with a brain thinks that.
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    ‘23 FL OT Lucas Simmons

    Need to survive this FSU visit without a commitment. anybody know if he is planning to visit again before announcing a commitment?
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    ‘23 MO ATH Samuel M’Pemba

    But it is something else for them to sell.
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    ‘23 FL RB Treyaun Webb

    Yeah, Rivals number 5 running back and we tell him not to even bother to visit? Something is up.
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    Early lines

    Georgia will beat Oregon, but 17.5 seems like alot to me for week 1.
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    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is the one in denial.

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