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    New NIL Rules

    My opinion will not be popular so better to keep my mouth shut
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    New NIL Rules

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    Former 5-star WR and USC transfer heading to Tennessee.

    I say pump the brakes, While a good pick up I'm worried about his past track record. Hopefully that is all behind him and if so great addition.
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    Velus Jones Jr. Highlight (Video)

    There won't be anotherVelus.!
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    LB Aaron Willis Enters Transfer Portal

    See ya and good luck
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    Josh Heupel's 2001 NFL scouting combine numbers

    I'm calm lay off the weed!
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    Josh Heupel's 2001 NFL scouting combine numbers

    Am I high?I ask the same about you! This has no bearing on UT NONE, Why post it? What he did in college doesn't mean anything to us but might to recruits and for that i may give levity to the post.
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    Josh Heupel's 2001 NFL scouting combine numbers

    What the hell does that have to do with the 2023 recruiting class? Are you looking for a resaon to tear CJH down? Grow up! 2001 has nothing to do with this recruiting class.
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    The reason NIL deals are important and are good for the game

    NIL good for the game? I disagree! plain and simple.
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    The reason NIL deals are important and are good for the game

    NIL has to re-looked at, I personally think it;s bad for the game but hey that's me. You bring a kid in at say 400-500 thousand dollars and doesn't pan out or gets hurt and can never play what have you accomplished? Sorry JMHO
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    Matthew Butler a Mel Kiper sleeper at DT

    THis kid is a sleeper and will go easy in the 3rd round maybe 2nd
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    Crazy stat (Hooker)

    Pump the brakes buddy!
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    When are we ever going to have quality depth?

    Because he's hoping CJH fails. You have as many people for as you do against him and they won't stop until they get what they want. Let UT go 10-2 this year and then they will change their tune. This was directed to whom you answered.
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    I guess Saban allowed Emmert to retire

    See Ya Mark. About time about 11 years too late.
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    OL James Robinson enters the portal

    I could be wrong but over 2500 players have entered the portal and only 54% have found a new school. The rest are still in and looking for a place to land. For me IMHO entering the portal is a bad mistake. If you're on scholarship stay where your at. If you think you'll get picked up is a hit...
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    Heather Harrington

    Wish the app had cc lol, but I'm stuck listening to her when I open the app. Just not a fan. And point taken sir!
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    Heather Harrington

    Funny I only lived in Tennessee while I was at Ft Campbell. Never saw her play volley ball, I wouldn't know her if she was standing next to me. Only picture I've ever seen is her picture on knoxnews with her DUI photo. So that blows your theory out of the water. I hate to think how she kept her...
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    CJH just said.....

    You can't but be thankful we have him. He can talk trash with the best of them but his team has to hope the defense comes on and get's off the field on 3rd down,this team will surprise many.
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    Quote from Arky player about looking forward to playing us.

    If you're scared say you're scared. This team has a never quit attitude. Love it!

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