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    What did you do while Volnation was down last night?

    Aggravated all the University of Kroger fighting lettuce fans
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    The time of whining is over, THE TIME FOR KICKING AZZZZZ IS NOW!

    This 3 seed will be remembered for years to come, We are final 4 bound if we stay the course
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    VFL Curt Watson and the Movie "Top Gun"

    My Brother in law was the Naval consultant to the movie crew. Everyone who flew in the movie he trained and all the stuff you saw happened like goose getting killed by the canopy, was stuff he saw coming up thru the ranks.
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    Nascar intends to break the NCAA

    I don't see Nascar out drawing anyone on a Saturday. , they have a lot if seats but I would bet there are more college football fans. Just my opinion
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    Kentucky post game thoughts.

    We got our butts handed to us, Looks like SEC back to old days
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    They got their butt handed to them inspite of the refs.
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    Kamara on bama sideline?

    He was Bama's before he was ours,
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    Rate the season

    How can you not rate this season a 10 based upon the situation we faced with transfers, etc and the bleak Outlook of our program?
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    Alontae Taylor opting out of the bowl

    Never meant to imply he wasn't a vfl, and like I said, I get it, he could have made a difference
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    Alontae Taylor opting out of the bowl

    Your word is to participate in All contest, that is what he gave when he came to UT. Well he did not participate in MCB. I get the pro career and wish him the best. But your word is your word.
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    Alontae Taylor opting out of the bowl

    Arm chair? So being a man of your word means nothing to you, huh?
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    Turn the page, time to saddle up! Next year gonna be ......

    Ya'll finish the statement
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    How Bout , No More ACC officials doing SEC games?

    Maybe the SEC should crack down, hmmm?
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    Renovations are underway…

    Bring back 102,000
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    Alontae Taylor entering the draft, skipping the bowl game

    I am old school, just think he ought to keep his word and honor his scholarship. He would not want us to send him a bill for an unused prorated part of his scholarship. And I get the whole what if he gets hurt thing, but still, your word is your word.
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    4 once our AD is ahead of the game

    We got our sexy up and coming HC last year and alot of people did not realize it

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